Advising FAQs

1. Is there a way for me to track my own progress through the SAC major or GMS minor?

Yes. Follow this link to check your on-line student audit.

2. Am I able to count that course I took “P/F” in my SAC major or GMS minor? 

No. All courses to be applied toward the SAC Major or GMS Minor graduation requirements must be taken for a letter grade, not P/F.

3. How do I receive credit for an internship? 

Please follow this link for information about internships.

4. What’s a “Senior Release” and when should I complete it?

This is when we look at your transcript and at your remaining SAC requirements for graduation and report that information to the college, via the Major or Minor Release.  If you plan to graduate in May, please meet with Victor the preceding September or October, so that there is time for you to plan your last-semester courses accordingly, based on what we find during your Senior Audit.