The Alice Webber Glover Scholarship Award

AWARDS UP TO $2000.00

Established in 1976 in honor of Alice Webber Glover, these competitive scholarships are intended to help with the special costs associated with the writing and/or production of student production projects. 

To compete for these awards, please submit the following:
(a) An online application form 
(b) For a production application, submit the following to M+Box: a one-page treatment for a new project or a work-in-progress, and the script, if available.  For screenwriting proposals: a writing sample demonstrating that the applicant understands the conventions of screenwriting and a short synopsis detailing the proposed script’s plot, approach, theme, major characters, length, etc.
(c) A budget detailing expenses (see guidelines and sample budget).
(d) For production applications, please upload to M+Box: two sample clips (If you are seeking funds for a work-in-progress you may submit evidence of work completed at the time of the application. This will be counted as one of your two samples.) 

Please be sure to refer to Guidelines for Applying for Awards & Endowments

The committee may elect to not make an award if no suitable applications are submitted.