The Sydney J. Winer Scholarship Award for Internship Support

$2000.00 Award

The Department of Screen Arts & Cultures is pleased to announce the Sidney J. Winer Scholarship Award for Internship Support. This award was endowed in 1993 and named after University of Michigan alumnus and beloved husband and father, Sidney J. Winer.  It was created to give a Screen Arts student real professional perspective in a complicated and demanding film and TV industry.  This award also helps to defray the cost of an internship in the entertainment industry. The recipient of the award must register for SAC 480 to receive the award. The winner will be announced annually by the end of the Winter Term.

Sophomore and Junior Screen Arts & Cultures concentrators are invited to submit:

(a) A completed online application form.

Upload the following to M+Box:

(b) A statement of application (2 – 3 pages) highlighting your educational accomplishments and your interests in the creative and business aspects of media. Include a statement indicating how this internship will relate to your studies.

(c) A letter on company letterhead from your internship sponsor confirming your internship.