SAC Honors Program

Honors Deadlines 

January 20, 2015 - Honors Information Session: 12:00-1:00 p.m. Location: SAC Conference Room       

Feb. 16, 2015 - Initial Proposal for Faculty Advisor Approval

March 9, 2015 - Final Proposal to be uploaded by student to M+Box

Please read through the handbook for instructions on how to apply for Honors.

Note: Mac users, please download this PDF, open with Adobe Pro, fill out and save the form, then upload it to M+Box.


The Department of Screen Arts & Cultures Honors Program is open to Screen Arts & Cultures majors who meet application requirements including those students who have not been in the LSA Honors Program in their freshman and sophomore years.

The SAC Honors Program is highly competitive and admission is based on a minimum GPA plus a rigorous and competitive review process that takes into consideration the following: performance in past courses, sample work from previous Screen Arts & Cultures courses, completion of specific course work, the student's Honors Proposal, and faculty recommendation(s). Application to the SAC Honors Program is made in winter term at a deadline typically in mid-March. 

Students accepted into the SAC Honors Program enroll in a year-long Honors seminar course (SAC 495) and gain the opportunity to carry out the independent work required to complete an honors thesis, screenplay, or film, video, television, or digital production. SAC Honors is expected to be a rigorous experience devoted to research and writing, the production of an advanced video, film, digital, or television project, or the writing of an original feature-length screenplay or teleplay equivalent.

Students accepted into the SAC Honors Program also become members of the Honors Program of the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts. As members of the LSA Honors program, they gain access to a variety of special services such as possible financial support for their honors work. In addition, SAC Honors students may also apply for competitive scholarships administered by the Department of Screen Arts & Cultures to help with costs associated with their SAC Honors project.

Upon successful completion of the SAC Honors Program, students may graduate with Honors, High Honors or Highest Honors in Screen Arts & Cultures, depending on the evaluation of their thesis, screenplay or project. SAC Honors designation appear on their diploma and transcript, along with any University or LS&A Honors designations they earn from their overall grade point.

Honors Concentrators - 2014-2015

A Sense of Sound by Jeremy Borison

Primary SAC Faculty advisor: Dawn Hollison

 A Sense of Sound follows the story of Robert Schamen as he faces a medical condition of musical hallucinations. When Robert realizes his hallucinations consist of original music, he sets out to complete his new symphony. Pitted against his family's concern for his health, Robert must face the issue of balancing the parts of his life he holds most dear.


First Date by Julia Braid

Primary SAC Faculty advisor: Chris McNamara

In space, peace talks between two species get disrupted by a blossoming romance.


Co-Education by William O’Donnell and Anna Baumgarten

Primary SAC Faculty advisor: Oliver Thornton

 After being expelled from their public school for wheeling and dealing test answers, troublemaking twins Bella and Chris wreak havoc upon their new homes: same-sex, Catholic boarding schools.  

Co- Education is a TV Pilot.