SAC Student Alyssa Loiacano

Alyssa is a junior from Chicago, Illinois. In high school, she gained experience in theatre production, and is a Lighting Design transfer student from the University of Michigan School of Music, Theatre, and Dance.

Things that she is looking forward to experiencing from Screen Arts and Cultures department are to learn more about Cinematography. She also has an interest in screenwriting and is excited to complete her first screenplay by the end of the semester.

Currently, she is light designing senior theses for others in the Duderstadt Video Center, and collaborating with artists on lighting for music videos.

In production, she manages her own YouTube channel and works with live performances, also having begun her own lighting design blog.

In the future, Alyssa would love to write for, or produce videos for a company like Rolling Stone Magazine, and continue to write both screenplays, and personal narrative essays.