SAC Student Eugene Jehl

Eugene Jehl is a junior who comes to the University of Michigan as a transfer student from Oakland Community College, where he studied Psychology, English, and Cinema Studies. Here at Michigan, he is a dual major in both Screen Arts and Cultures and English.

Hailing from Wolverine Lake, MI, Eugene has aspirations to be a writer. Screenwriter, novelist, maybe direct a little, as long as he is able to create original, emotional, and exciting stories for audiences to enjoy.

Currently, Eugene is working through every writing course the University of Michigan offers and filling out his schedule with film and literature studies classes. Outside of class, Eugene also works in the Donald Hall Collection, is one of the presidents of the Writers' Community, and is the treasurer of the Film Video Student Association. He also is working on producing enough writing material to enter (and hopefully win) every category in the prestigious Hopwood awards.

Despite his passion for writing, this does not limit his approach to film. He has worked on sets playing any role necessary, doing tech, directing, acting, editing, even being a personal assistant.

"At the end of the day I know that there is no other job I could ever have but a creative one. It took me a long time to figure that out, but once I finally learned that lesson I did my research and knew the University of Michigan was the place for me. The opportunities here are limitless and there is no place I would rather be."