Stephanie Kulmaczewski

SAC Student Stephanie Kulmaczewski

Stephanie Kulmaczewski is a sophomore majoring in Screen Arts and Cultures. She is a member of the student-run percussion group on campus, GROOVE, and works as a digital media consultant at GroundWorks in the Duderstadt Library. Stephanie is from Farmington, Michigan, and has been editing videos since she was in middle school. She has also taken production classes in high school.

At U of M, she is currently working on an animation project that she plans to submit to the Lightworks Student Film Festival. Her future goal is to apply her film and video knowledge into the video game industry as a career.

"The Screen Arts and Cultures department thrives on Ann Arbor's rich film tradition. We're blessed with the Michigan and State Theaters, as well as the film festivals that are held right in our backyard each year. Being in this program opens so many doors and allows students to experience firsthand what it feels like to truly be a part of the wonderful world of film production."