Mary - Shared Services

Mary Fallert, Sr. Manager, Shared Services
"Shared Services is about people, processes and productivity. Our team is changing how work is done within LSA, allowing faculty and staff to focus on the academic mission of the College."

Lori - Shared Services

Lori Scott, Admin Mgr, Philosophy Dept.
"Partnering with the Shared Services team, has enabled me and my staff to spend more time managing the department efficiently and strategically."

Kim - Shared Services

Kim Angelopoulos, Manager, LSA Finance Office
"Working in shared services has given me the opportunity to expand and strengthen my skills, fast-tracking my career."


LSA Shared Services provides assistance to nearly three dozen units in financial and HR transactions, contract and grant support, and event coordination. Initiated in 2008 as a two-person, Provost-funded pilot program, we have grown to over 30 staff in five locations across campus in order to provide the best service possible.

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