About Us


Our mission is to be leaders in utilizing and leveraging technology and best practices in the functional areas that we support, providing the best customer service possible, achieving efficiencies in service delivery costs by increasing effective work practices while ensuring proper internal controls are in place.


LSA Shared Services started as a pilot program funded by the Provost’s Office in 2008. Initially we provided support in HR and Financial transactions. As more units joined the program, we were able to expand our service to include contract and grant support. LSA Shared Services now includes several satellite offices who serve units located in close proximity to shared services staff. We are exploring other areas where we can assist units including most recently support for event logistics such as creating and publicizing promotional materials, updating websites, and effectively utilizing social media.

What is Shared Services?

We provide transactional support in finance, HR, and contract and grant administration for LSA units participating in our program. LSA Shared Services staff has expertise and in-depth knowledge in these areas from which units, especially those with small staffs, can benefit. Our goal is to perform work efficiently and effectively, following best practices, always maintaining customer service as our primary focus.

Why Shared Services?

The concept of Shared Services is being widely utilized in government, higher education, and the private sector. This model is highly regarded to increasing operational efficiency and improving resource allocation and fiscal stewardship. Implementing Shared Services allows departments to concentrate on core business activities and leverage staff expertise which might not otherwise be available.

Service Level Agreement (SLA) (PDF)

This Service Level Agreement (SLA) is utilized to capture the agreement between LSA Shared Services and the units we serve.