Special Projects

Ardis: Carl Proffer's Story

Upon returning from a trip to the Soviet Union in the 1970s, Russian scholars Carl and Ellendea Proffer from the University of Michigan founded Ardis Publishing. This Ann Arbor-based publishing house printed Russian and English translations of Soviet writing unavailable in the USSR because of censorship. Today, we are able to see the impact that the Proffers had on the world of Russian literature. 

Monica Harmsen, Russian BA 2014, shot this video in September 2013 at the symposium in honor of the 75th anniversary of Carl Proffer's birth. It seeks to tell his story to a new generation of Russianists.

Ilf & Petrov

A collaboration between graduate students and faculty, this website features the highlights from a symposium and exhibit tour on Ilf and Petrov.  Soviet Writers, American Images: Ilf & Petrov, toured the University of Michigan,  Colgate University, and Cornell University in 2005-2006.

Roman Jakobson

Roman Jakobson Web site (in cooperation with The Roman Jakobson and Krystyna Pomorska-Jakobson Trust) is under construction.


Jakobson's The Framework of Language (1980) is available from Michigan Slavic Publications.

From the Preface: With this volume, Michigan Studies in the Humanities inaugurates a series of books designed to promote cooperation among the various branches of the humanities by presenting perspectives on traditional problems of interpretation and evaluation. Though written by scholars firmly grounded in their special fields, these works will attempt to reach a wider audience by acknowledging problems confronted by the many branches of humanistic endeavor. At a time when scholars seem to speak to a narrower and narrower audience, it becomes essential that the common framework of humanistic investigation must be reasserted. We believe that the specialization and fragmentation of our field can be transcended and, without the trivializing effects of popularization, a sense of shared purpose can invigorate separate investigations and create a context for unified understanding of human creativity and imagination.

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