Recent Grads & Placement

Slavic Languages & Literatures Ph.D's

Aleksandar Boskovic, Ph.D. [2013] Lecturer in Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian, Columbia University. Areas of Specialty: Modernism, Avant-Garde, Russian, Czech and Yugoslav literature and visual culture.

Brad Damare, Ph.D. [2008] Assistant Professor of Slavic Languages and Literatures, University of Southern California. Areas of Specialty: Russian literature and music.

Mila Shevchenko, Ph.D. [2008] Assistant Professor of Russian, Ohio University. Areas of Specialty: 19th-century Russian literature and drama, theories of space and spatial form, Slavic literatures and cultures (Bulgarian, Polish, Ukranian, and Slovenian).

Joe Peschio, Ph.D. [2004] Assistant Professor of Russian, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Areas of Specialty: Russian Golden Age, Russian language, literature, film, and cultural history.

Ewa Wampuszyc, Ph.D. [2004] Assistant Professor of Polish Language and Literature. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Areas of Specialty: Polish Language and Literature, 19th and 20th century Literature and Culture, Contemporary Polish Fiction, Cultural and Economic Capital in Literature.

Margarita Nafpaktitis, Ph.D. [2003] Associate Librarian for Slavic and East European Studies, University of California, Los Angeles. Areas of Specialty: Russian and East Central European Film, Representations of America(ns) in Russian Literature and Culture, Russian Modernism, Contemporary Polish Prose, Translation and Translation Theory, Digital Humanities.

John Hope, Ph.D. [2003] Assistant Professor in Russian, Purdue University. Areas of specialty include 19th century Russian literature, Russian Orientalism, travel literature, Russian popular culture, Russian Romanticism, and Russian language.

Kelly Miller, Ph.D. [2002] Director, Teaching and Learning Services and Head of the College Library, UCLA Library.

Jonathan Bolton, Ph.D. [2001] Associate Professor of Slavic Languages and Literatures, Harvard University. Areas of Specialty: Czech literature, history, and culture.