Paulina Duda

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Paulina Duda

Graduate Student

812 E. Washington St

Office Location(s): 3022 MLB
Phone: 734-764-5337
Fax: 734-647-2127

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    My 'educational path' was not an orthodox one. After receiving a BA degree in literature from Jagiellonian University in Poland, I decided to change my subject and to study... artistic make up in Australia! My plan was to work for a year in Ireland, save some money and move to Australia. Indeed, I spent some time in Ireland, but afterwards instead of going to Australia I ended up in London, then in Vietnam and later on even on the top of Kilimanjaro. The reason why I am mentioning this is because now I am sure that only thanks to such experiences, which helped me to understand who I am, I was able to take a conscious decision and enroll in the Master program in Russian and East European Literature and Culture at University College London. It was there, that I was exposed to other Slavic cultures and where I became absolutely fascinated with East European cinema. I wrote my thesis about war memories in Tadeusz Konwicki's cinema. After receiving an MA degree I decided to pursue my academic interests and apply for a graduate program at University of Michigan. Now, being in Ann Arbor, I do research on Polish and East European cinema. That is why, apart from taking literature and language classes in Slavic Department, I am also doing a certificate in Screen Arts and Culture. Last summer I went to London where I was cooperating with the film department in Polish Cultural Institute; I also visited Dovzhenko Film Studios in Kiev.