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Office Location(s): 3040 MLB
Phone: 734.647.2131

  • Affiliation(s)
    • CREES, Slavic Languages & Literatures
  • Fields of Study
    • Bosnian, Croatian, and Serbian languages
  • About

    Program in B/C/S Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian In the past 10 years the program of Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian at the University of Michigan has constantly been expanding, and the number of students enrolling the course offerings is on the rise. The Slavic Department of the University of Michigan ranks among the top three schools in the United States according to the number of students enrolled in the study of B/C/S.

    Following the dissolution of the Yugoslav Federation the language known as “Serbo-Croatian” was fragmented into three languages: Bosnian, Croatian, and Serbian. The complex background of this situation cannot be summarized easily, but some claim that “Serbo-Croatian” is still an existing language, which negates the view of three separate languages used by different ethnic groups in the former Yugoslav Federation. Other claims insist that the creation of “Serbo-Croatian” was politically designed to blur the diverse cultural background of various fractions inside the governing Federative body, and thus unify distinctly different ethnic fractions under the same officially recognized language. A more objective view probably falls somewhere between these two opinions.

    B/C/S Language and Literature is the material studied in the courses offered at the University of Michigan Slavic Department. First and Second Year B/C/S, as well as Independent Reading in B/C/S are the courses taught by Marija Rosic. She teaches B/C/S First and Second Year, as well as the Independent Reading course, focusing on language skills and introducing all three variants during the 2-year program. Assistant Professor Tatjana Aleksic teaches Contemporary Literature and film from the Balkans and offers undergraduate and graduate courses on various topics concerned with the Yugoslav and Post-Yugoslav cultural space. Tatjana welcomes proposals dealing with a comparative study of 20th century and contemporary literature, film, and cultural theory.

    Marija Rosik's CV [PDF]

  • Education
    • Diploma, Serbo-Croatian language and Yugoslav literature, University of Belgrade, 1982