Vitaly Shevoroshkin

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Dept of Slavic Langs & Lits • 3018 Modern Languages Building • The University of Michigan • Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1275

Ph.D., USSR Academy of Sciences, 1964.
Doctorat d'État, USSR Academy of Sciences, 1966.

Professor Shevoroshkin is a senior scholar in the field of historical linguistics and language reconstruction. He teaches courses on Russian linguistics, history of Russian and contemporary spoken Russian.

Typical Winter courses:
Russian Culture and Politics: The Last 200 Years, Slavic 151 [LSA course guide]

Other recent courses:
• Cultural Diversity in Russia, Eastern Europe & Eurasia, Slav 250
• Business Russian: Russ 413
• Political Russian: Russ 414

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Professor Shevoroshkin's current research interests cover a broad range of languages, including Slavic, Indo-European and non-Indo-European.

He is the editor of Typology, Relationship, and Time (with T. L. Markey; Ann Arbor: Karoma, 1986) and editor of three volumes of proceedings of a recent Ann Arbor conference on Language and Prehistory (Bochum: Brockmeyer, 1989-1990).

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