Accent in Serbocroatian: An Experimental Study

Author(s): I. Lehiste, Ivic, P.

Editor(s): Matejka, L., Mersereau, J., Winner, T.

Accent in Serbocroatian


From the Introduction: This paper constitutes the second in a series of reports describing the results of an acoustic-phonetic investigation of the phonetic and phonemic nature of the accents in Modern Standard Serbocroatian.* The purpose of the investigation is threefold: to establish the phonetic nature of the so-called word accents in Modern Standard Serbocroatian(1), to describe the interrelationships Between the word accents and sentence intonation, and to provide a structural-linguistic interpretation of the observed phenomena. The first report (2) dealt mainly with the data collected in the course of studies dealing with word accents in the speech of the main informant. The present report summarizes the findings for the patterns occurring in the speech of the main informant, and represents the results of an analysis of the speech of twelve additional informants recording a smaller subset of the same materials.  [...] 

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* this research was supported by the National science Foundation

1. Abramson, A.S., The Vowels and Tones of Standard Thai: Acoustical Measurement and Experiments (Bloomington, 1962).

2. Appel, W. "Gestaltstudien. A. Untersuchungen ├╝ber den Akzent in der serbokroatischen Sprache", Wiener slavistisches Jahrbuch 1 (1950), pp. 53-70.

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