Framework of Language

Author(s): Jakobson, R.



[From the preface] With this volume, Michigan Studies in the Humanities inaugurates a series of books designed to promote cooperation among the various branches of the humanities by presenting perspectives on traditional problems of interpretation and evaluation. Though written by scholars firmly grounded in their special fields, these works will attempt to reach a wider audience by acknowledging problems confronted by the many branches of humanistic endeavor. At a time when scholars seem to speak to a narrower and narrower audience, it becomes essential that the common framework of humanistic investigation must be reasserted. We believe that the specialization and fragmentation of our field can be transcended and, without the trivializing effects of popularization, a sense of shared purpose can invigorate separate investigations and create a context for unified understanding of human creativity and imagination.

Michigan Studies in the Humanities is directed by an editorial board representing a broad spectrum of scholars in the humanities and social sciences; initial funding for the publications is provided by the Horace H. Rackham School of Graduate Studies at the University of Michigan. We hope, however, that the series will become self-supporting in the near future.

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Publisher: Michigan Slavic Publications

Year of Publication: 1980

Location: University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

# of Pages: 94

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