Monumenta Polonica: The First Four Centuries of Polish Poetry

Author(s): Carpenter, B.

Monumenta Polonica: The First Four Centuries of Polish Poetry


The aim of the bilingual anthology is to present the finest poems written during the first four centuries of Polish poetry. This period begins with earliest Polish poetic text, "Bogurodzica" — the existing manuscript dates from 1407 though the poem was composed considerably earlier — and ends with poems written toward the end of the eighteenth century. These four hundred years saw a remarkable flowering of literature. The anthology is intended both for the genera reader interested in poetry, and also for the student of Polish literature. It is divided into four sections: the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, the Baroque, and the Enlightenment. Each section is preceded by a short introduction whose purpose is to supply the necessary culture, literary, and historical background so the anthology can be enjoyed by a reader unfamiliar with Polish literature.

The Polish poetry from the Renaissance and following centuries is a significant and vital part of European poetry. In the context of Slavic cultures, it stands out as particularly advanced, both artistically and intellectually. The first four centuries of Polish poetry are essential for the understanding of what followed: they are the basis upon which nineteenth and twentieth century Polish poets have built.

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Publisher: Michigan Slavic Publications

Year of Publication: 1989

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