Semiotics of Russian Culture

Editor(s): Lotman, J.M. and Uspenskij, B.A.



The Role of Dual Models in the Dynamics of Russian Culture;
New Aspects in the Study of Early Russian Culture;
Echoes of the Notion “Moscow as the Third Rome”;
The Decembrist in Everyday Life;
“Agreement” and “Self-Giving” as Archetypal Models of Culture;
The Theater and Theatricality;
The Stage and Painting as Code Mechanisms;
The Pragmatics of Literary Character;
Reconstruction of the Plan and Ideo-Compositional Function;
The Poetics of Everyday Behavior;
Tsar and Pretender;
Why Should the Devil Speak Syriac? On the Origin of Russian Obscenities

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Publisher: Michigan Slavic Publications

Year of Publication: 1984

Location: University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

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