Program Overview

The Slavic Language Programs offer students of every discipline an opportunity to experience both the intellectual and personal enrichment that comes with learning Russian, Polish, Czech, Bosnian, Serbian, Croatian, and Ukrainian languages, and encountering the diverse cultures that they represent. Our department features some of the most skilled and experienced language teaching faculty who are native speakers of the language. Much of our research and professional development is aimed towards the goal of helping students to build multilingual communication and critical thinking skills enabling them to read, write, listen, speak, and explore in Slavic languages. 

Using Your Degree

Our program consists of:

  • A Russian and Polish major, providing at least four years of language training, and courses in Polish and Russian literature
  • A growing number of courses on Russian and East European culture, aimed at the general student audience, and fulfilling graduation requirements
  • Opportunities to complete the College language requirement in any of the following five languages: Russian, Czech, Polish, BCS and Ukrainian
  • Expanding programs in BCS, Czech and Ukrainian, offering not only two or more years of language training, but also courses in literature and culture
  • An intensive, year-long Russian language program, consisting of two eight-credit courses, taking the student through and beyond the regular first and second year courses in an accelerated-track immersion environment
  • An honors concentration, in which especially gifted undergraduates gain graduate-level research and writing experience in the senior year

Funding for undergraduates may be available through CREES. They offer awards for U-M undergraduate students whose work focuses on Russia, Eastern Europe, or Eurasia. http://www.ii.umich.edu/crees/academics/studentfunding/undergraduatefunding

Consider RUSLAN Alternative Spring Break [RUSLAN ASB].  We travel to St. Petersburg and Vytegra, Russia, where students have the opportunity to immerse themselves in cultural programs, extensive service-learning and hands-on student research projects in provincial Russia.

  • Always wanted to go to Russia but couldn’t afford the time or the cost of a summer, semester or a full-year program in Russia?
  • Want to see Russia off the beaten path and explore real Russia, meet Russians, practice your Russian language skills and work as volunteer?
  • Want to start preliminary research for your thesis, dissertation or course project?

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