Undergraduate Awards

Each year our faculty nominate student work that stands out from its peers and embodies creativity and an understanding beyond the classroom. These students receive a cash scholarship for their efforts. Winners are announced at the spring commencement ceremony.  Listed below are students who have received either the Outstanding Undergraduate Contribution Award, or special recognition. We are proud to highlight them, and have provided samples of their work where appropriate. Please respect all copyright laws.

Excellence in Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian Language Studies Award $250
Gojko Kilibarda [2014]
Louis Saravolatz [2013]
Anthony Tesija [2012]
Lauren Anne Lueder [2010]

Excellence in Czech Language Studies Award $250
Christine Vanek [2012]

Excellence in Polish Language Studies Award $250
Salvatore Parenti III [2014]
Natalie Jaszcz [2013]
Jeffrey Lemanski [2012]
Lisa Hebda [2010]

Excellence in Ukrainian Language Studies Award $250
Justin Zemaitis [2014]
Zoya Erdevig [2013]
Viktoria Krislaty [2012]
Kathryn Pytiak [2010]

Prize for Best Paper Written in a Slavic Language Learned in the Slavic Department $100
Craig Send [2014]
Matthew Pinos [2013]
Robert (Spencer) Feller [2012]
Thomas Wallace [Read paper] [2010]
Adam Kolkman [Read paper]  [2007]
Angela Wyse [Read paper]  [2007]
Illiana Falkenstern (Honorable Mention)  [2007]
Anna Klepp [2007]
Angela Karr [2006]
Edward Decker [2006]

Prize for Best Paper Written in a Student’s Native Language $100
Lilit Kazazian [2014]
Pablo Leon-Luna [2013]
Matthew Pinos [2012]
Nicole Disser [Read paper] [2010]
Samantha Horsell [Read  paper] [2010]
Joanne Powell [Read paper] [2010]
Kristina Pingston [Read paper] [2010]

Prize for Best Paper Written in English Language $100
Sam Zerin [Read paper] [2008]
Shannon Blaney [Read paper] [2008]
Ariel Schepers [2008]
Alex Glowaski [2008]
Adam Kolkman [2007]

Outstanding Students
Corey Kosch, Lydia McMullen  [2007]
Agnieszka Behounek, Dylon Davis, Illiana Falkenstern [2007]

Slavic Department Essay Award
Joseph Mathias [2005]

Slavic Department Creative Piece/Work in Other Media Award
Kristina Pingston [2012]
Elizabeth Genevieve Oetjens [2005]
Whitney Russell [2005]