The SLC provides a wide range of resources for students. Learn more about what we do on the following pages.


Each fall and winter term, the SLC sponsors or co-sponsors a variety of workshops and events for students. Topics may include "Research and Study Abroad for Science Majors," "Extraordinary Grad and Professional Programs for Science Majors," "Finding a Math/Science Major," "Student Success Strategies," and "Applying to Medical School: An Insider's Perspective."

Faculty Resources

The SLC provides programs and services to support science learning across LSA. Let us know what we can do to help you teach your classes and to support student learning.


The SLC can help you find general academic guidance, assistance with course-specific content, or even help writing a science paper.

Jobs at SLC

The SLC employs students in a variety of roles. Some students work as Front Desk Monitors, some as Computer Assistants and others as Peer Study Group Facilitators or Peer Tutors.

Links and Resources

Find links to other academic resources on campus on this page.

Computing at SLC

The SLC houses one computer classroom plus two open computer labs. Find out more about what hardware, software, and other related resources are available on this page.