Workshops and Events for Students

Each fall and winter term, the SLC sponsors or co-sponsors a variety of workshops and events for students. Below are some of our most common workshop offerings.

For a list of current offerings visit the LSA Student Workshop Registration Page.

Research and Study Abroad for Science Majors

We know international experience is highly valued by employers and grad schools alike. However, some science students still believe scheduling difficulties and program requirements make study and research abroad impossible. This panel is designed to give students information on the numerous research and study abroad opportunities in the sciences, and proves just how easy it is to go abroad.

Extraordinary Grad and Professional Programs for Science Majors

Sure you can pursue the "ordinary" health careers after you graduate from UM — medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, veterinary medicine, etc. — but why be ordinary? There are many other exciting graduate school opportunities for science students. Find out about the graduate and professional programs from a panel of presenters like the School of Natural Resources, Program in Biomedical Science, Public Health, Forensic Science (MSU), Kinesiology, and the Career Center.

Finding a Math/Science Major

Do you love science or math?  Are you still looking for a major?  Are you unsure of where to go to learn about different majors and minors?  Look no further!

This fun event gives you the chance to speak with fellow students majoring in every math and science major.  You will benefit from these students’ perspectives, including information about course and program requirements, departmental culture, faculty, careers, research, and study abroad.   The round-robin format gives you the chance to talk with five or six student representatives, so you will be able to explore all your interests.

Applying to Medical School: An Insider's Perspective

Applying to medical school is a daunting task. An admissions director from the Medical School at the University of Michigan, will give students an insider's perspective regarding what aspects of the application are most important, what fatal mistakes students can make, and how to improve the application regardless of grades or MCAT scores.