SLC Satellite

Science Learning Center - Undergraduate Science Building

Science Learning Center - Undergraduate Science Building

The SLC Satellite is located in 2165 Undergraduate Science Building (USB) and is open and staffed six days each week during the fall and winter terms.

The SLC Satellite Location is equipped with a variety of movable tables and chairs offering multiple configurations which can be reserved for group use. This includes three Team Rooms, each with a capacity of up to eight people.

The front half of the room has a capacity of up to 48 people and can be reserved for group use as well. Instructors and students have found this to be an ideal location for collaborative project meetings, weekly office hours, and special events such as end-of-term review sessions, presentations and poster sessions.

Resources available for faculty and student use at the SLC Satellite Location include:

  • An attractive study lounge with many tables and chairs
  • Several comfortable upholstered club chairs
  • A drop-in computing site with 12 PCs and two printers
  • A large space with full Wi-Fi coverage
  • Three Team Rooms perfect for meetings of up to eight people
  • Portable as well as wall-mounted whiteboards
  • Ceiling mounted data projection

More than 4,500 users each month have discovered the appeal of this uniquely configured resource. If you are interested in reserving this location for your course or group project, please contact us at

If you have any questions about the Center or ideas for how the SLC Satellite Location might better serve your needs, please contact us at

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