Appointment-Based Peer Tutoring

The Science Learning Center (SLC) provides appointment-based, small group tutoring for Comprehensive Studies Program (CSP) students enrolled in Biology 171,172, Chemistry 130, 210, 215, Physics 135, 140, 235, and 240.


In order to obtain a tutoring appointment, you must be a CSP-affiliated student and do the following:


1. Register for an SLC study group or join the waitlist for the relevant course by clicking here. Registration for these groups is open all semester.


2. Once you have joined a study group, you can then schedule appointment-based tutoring online here.


Due to the limited availability of appointments, peer tutors often work with small groups of up to three students per session. 



  • Supportive, focused and on-task assistance

  • Assistance with developing strategies for understanding concepts, solving problems, and preparing for exams

  • Guidance on homework problems


What students say about Appointment-Based Tutoring

  • "John J. works hard to ensure that whoever is under his tutelage receives the most help as possible. He personally offered to model his Chemistry problems after my primary career interest, rocket science, which is basically aerospace propulsion engineering."
  • "Lizzy does a really good job at breaking things down into simpler terms. Even if I felt confident I knew something she would challenge that knowledge in a way that showed me I could never know too much. Amazing and caring person!"
  • "My sessions with Casey are extremely helpful.  She explains the concepts very well.  I also tried her tips for studying and received a higher score on my exam."