Drop-In Peer Tutoring

SLC TUTORING HELP ROOM -  Located in 1720 Chemistry Building

Biology 171 and 172, Chemistry 130, 210, and 215

The Tutoring Help Room is a comfortable place for seeking assistance with course related questions from Peer Tutors.


  • Supportive, focused and on-task assistance
  • Assistance with developing strategies for understanding concepts, solving problems, and preparing for exams
  • Guidance on homework problems


Monday - Thursday                4-7 PM

Sunday                                    4-8 PM


  • Tutors assist students on a first-come/first-helped basis  
  • During peak periods, students may need to wait for assistance
  • Tutors may limit the length of help sessions to assist the maximum number of students
  • Tutors may assist multiple students at a time for the same course

What students are saying about Drop-In Tutoring

  • "I was super frustrated with the Course Pack and the mental loop I was stuck in, and the tutor helped reaffirm what I knew and guided me on the right path to problem solving."
  • "I like being around other students who need help also."
  • "There were intelligent tutors, willing to help. I liked being able to work with the entire table of students and get everyone’s input/questions."