Recent Faculty Publications

UM Sociology Faculty are publishing new and important books each year, in addition to a significant number of articles in refereed scholarly journals.  See below for a non-exhaustive list highlighting some of the most recent titles.


Mizruchi, Mark S. 2013 The Fracturing of the American Corporate Elite  Boston: Harvard University Press

Armstrong, Elizabeth A. and Laura Hamilton. 2013. Paying for the Party: How College Maintains Inequality  Boston: Harvard University Press.

Xie, Yu and Alexandra Killewald.  2012.  Is American Science in Decline?  Boston: Harvard University Press.

Göçek, Fatma Müge.  2011.  The Transformation of Turkey: Redefining State and Society from the Ottoman Empire to the Modern Era.  New York: I.B. Tauris, Library of Modern Middle East Studies. 

Krippner, Greta.  2011.  Capitalizing On Crisis: the Political Origins of the Rise of Finance. Boston: Harvard University Press.

Göçek, Fatma Müge, Ronald Grigor Suny, and Norman M. Naimark. 2011.  A Question of Genocide:  Armenians and Turks at the End of the Ottoman Empire.  (edited volume) New York: Oxford University Press.

Harding, David J. 2010. Living the Drama: Community, Conflict, and Culture Among Inner-City Boys.  Chicago: University of Chicago Press.

Levitsky, Sandra, Jane Banaszak-Holl, and Mayer Zald. 2010.  Social Movements and the Transformation of American Health Care.  New York: Oxford University Press.

Somers, Margaret R. 2008. Genealogies of Citizenship: Markets, Statelesness, and teh Right to have Rights. New York and London: Cambridge University Press 

Steinmetz, George.  2007. The Devil's Handwriting: Precoloniality and the German Colonial State in Qingdao, Samoa, and Southwest Africa. Chicago: University of Chicago Press.

Pedraza, Silvia. 2007. Political Disaffection in Cuba's Revolution and Exodus.  New York and London: Cambridge University Press.

Thornton, Arland, William G. Axinn, and Yu Xie. 2007. Marriage and Cohabitation. Chicago:
University of Chicago Press. 

Zurbrzycki, Geneviève. 2006. The Crosses of Auschwitz: Nationalism and Religion in Post-Communist Poland. Chicago: University of Chicago Press.

Young Jr., Alford. 2004. The Minds of Marginalized Black Men: Making Sense of Mobility, Opportunity, and Future Life Chances. Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press.