Demography Workshop

The Demography Workshop (Soc 830) is a bi-weekly meeting of graduate students, post-docs, and faculty. The main objective is to give students an opportunity to get feedback on research at all stages of development. We will also work on presentation skills, discussing strategies for optimizing time in short talks (e.g., 15-20 minutes) and long talks (45-60 minutes), effectively handling question and answer periods, and presenting to diverse audiences. Throughout the year, we will occasionally have substantive workshops on topics of demographic interest that are not typically covered in courses, including the use (and misuse) of biomarkers; gene-environment interactions; methods for linking individual-level estimates with population dynamics; and cutting-edge methods of data collection (e.g., sensors and other tracking devices). If there is interest among participants, we will also hold sessions on post-docs (different kinds, how to apply) or other topics of professional interest. We will hold one session on research ethics and the IRB.  

To maintain continuity and trust among participants, workshop members are asked to commit to regular attendance.  You will also be expected to come to the workshop having read the materials assigned (if any) and ready to offer feedback.  Papers may include research manuscripts, dissertation chapters, dissertation proposals, and/or grant and fellowship proposals. Students just beginning a new project are also encouraged to present their work by preparing a short proposal (about 3 pages) outlining their research question, background and motivation, proposed study design, and innovation. Authors should provide at least a 15-20 minute summary of the project, although this may be significantly shortened for new projects. Students may volunteer to serve as discussants when a presentation topic particularly interests them or if they are familiar with the research area. Discussions should provide more detailed comments and deliver a short five minutes summary and constructive critique of the paper.

Faculty participating in the Demography Workshop include:

Barbara Anderson (Fall 13 and Winter 14 faculty organizer)

Graduate Students participating in the Demography Workshop include:

Elizabeth Ela, Corina Antohi Graif, Akilah Wise, Jay Borchert, Siwei Cheng, Ellen Compernolle, Margaret Gough, Yoonsun Han, Constance Hsiung, Elyse Jennings, Katherine Lin, Erin Linnenbringer, Emily Merchant, David Micky-Pabello, Zheng Mu, Christopher Near, Everett Peachey, Sarah Seelye, Sarah Taylor, Desmond Toohey, Geoffrey Wodtke


In 2013-14, the Demography Workshop will be offered in both the Fall and Winter semesters.

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