RSS Inequality and Family Working Group

This workshop provides graduate students with opportunities to share their research at any stage with students and faculty working on a variety of issues related to inequality and social stratification. The primary goal of the Inequality and Family Working Group (IFWG) is to assist graduate students with writing papers for publication in peer-reviewed journals as well as writing successful grant and fellowship proposals. The IFWG also aims to help students develop the professional skills needed for a successful career after graduate school.

The typical format for each session will consist of a student presenter circulating a draft of their paper in advance of the meeting and group participants will then read the paper and prepare comments. For the first part of the meeting, the author will give a 15-20 minute presentation outlining the key points of the paper, and the remaining time will be used for group discussion. In addition to student presentations, several meetings per semester may be used for discussion of professionalization topics, critical review of published research, faculty research presentations, and guest speakers.

The IFWG is open to all interested graduate students and provides those at any stage of their training with opportunities to participate. In order to create a vibrant, comfortable, and close-knit intellectual community, attendance and participation at all meetings is mandatory.

Faculty participating in the Inequality Working Group include:

Sarah Burgard (faculty organizer), Jennifer Barber (faculty organizer) Jeff Morenoff, Silvia Pedraza, Fabian Pfeffer, Colter Mitchell, and Elizabeth Bruch

Graduate Students participating in the Inequality Working Group include:

Siwei Cheng (student organizer), Nell Compernolle, Qing Lai, Alix Gould-Werth, Heidi Gansen, Christopher Near, Janette Norrington, Liz Ela, Kathy Lin, Jane Rochmes, Florian Hertel, Geoff Wodtke, Anne Clark, Tia Clinton, Xiang Zhou


In 2013-14, the Inequality and Family Workshop will be offered in both the Fall and Winter semesters

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