--Emeriti Faculty

  • dfa.jpg

    Duane Alwin

    Professor Emeritus

    Family, Aging and Life Course, Social Psychology, Socialization, Survey Methods, Quantitative Methods734.764.6597 / dfa@umich.edu , dfa2@psu.edu

  • mchesler.jpg

    Mark A. Chesler

    Professor Emeritus 3153 LSA

    Social Change, Theory and Praxis of Action Research, Race and Gender Equity in Higher Education, Multicultural Organizational Change734.647.3654; 734.663.0532 / mchesler@umich.edu

  • renf.jpg

    Reynolds Farley

    Professor Emeritus 3149 LSA

    Urban Sociology, Race and Ethnicity, Population, Demographic Techniques, Characteristics of the Black Population734.998.8698 / renf@umich.edu

  • feathrmn.jpg

    David L. Featherman

    Professor Emeritus 3147 LSA

    Aging and Life Course, Social Stratification, Social Psychology, Social Mobilityfeathrmn@umich.edu

  • grovesb.jpg

    Robert Groves

    Professor Emeritus 1356 ISR

    Survey Methods, Survey Methodology, Statistics, Sampling, Measurement of Survey Errors734.764.8365 / grovesb@umich.edu

  • mheirich.jpg

    Max Heirich

    Professor Emeritus

    health care, health policy, and social movementsmheirich@umich.edu

  • alberth.jpg

    Albert Hermalin

    Professor Emeritus

    Comparative Studies of Aging, Family Planning, Fertilityalberth@umich.edu

  • jimhouse.jpg

    James House

    Angus Campbell Distinguished University Professor Emeritus of Sociology ISR Building

    Social Psychology, Aging and Health, Social Structure and Personality, Social Indicators, Survey Research Methods, Political Sociology734.764.6526 / jimhouse@umich.edu

  • hkimel.jpg

    Howard Kimeldorf

    Professor Emeritus 4105 LSA

    Labor Sociology, Comparative/Historical Sociology, Political Sociology, Social Movements734.647.3657 / hkimel@umich.edu

  • jknodel a.jpg

    John Knodel

    Professor Emeritus 2024 ISR

    734.763.3714 / jknodel@umich.edu

  • rlempert.jpg

    Richard Lempert

    Professor Emeritus

    Law and Societyrlempert@umich.edu

  • gaylness.jpg

    Gayl D. Ness

    Professor Emeritus

    Applied Sociology/Evaluation Research, Comparative/Historical Sociology, Economic Sociology, Political Sociology, Urban Sociology, Environment734.764.6397 / gaylness@umich.edu

  • jpaige.jpg

    Jeffery M. Paige

    Professor Emeritus 4214 LSA

    Political Sociology, Revolution, Latin American Studies, Marxian Social Theory734.764.6818 / jpaige@umich.edu

  • sorose.jpg

    Sonya O. Rose

    Professor Emerita 1029 Tisch Hall

    Historical Sociology, Sociology of Gender, Sociology of Work, Class Formation, Sociology of the Family734.764.2289 / sorose@umich.edu

  • hschuman.jpg

    Howard Schuman

    Professor Emeritus