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Graduate Student

  • Fields of Study
    • Economic Sociology & Organizations
    • Culture & Knowledge
  • About

    Kelly Russell entered the PhD program at the University of Michigan in 2012. Her interests include elitism and elite culture, philanthropy, and intersections between economic and cultural sociology. Her latest research project is a comparative-historical analysis of Gilded Age and contemporary elite philanthropic giving in the United States. Her work investigates the conditions under which elites participate in philanthropy and which organizations benefit most frequently from elite support, with a special focus on the ways in which elite giving habits reflect the composition and culture of elite society. Kelly received her AB in English from the University of Chicago in 2007.

  • Education
    • AB 2007 University of Chicago
  • Research Areas of Interest
    • Elitism and Elite Culture, Philanthropy, Income Inequality, Cultural Sociology, Economic Sociology, Comparative/Historical Sociology, Social Theory