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Graduate Student

  • Fields of Study
    • Culture and Knowledge
    • Power, History, and Social Change
  • About

    As a political and cultural sociologist, I study the intersection of nationalism, politics, and religion, particularly in the Middle East and North Africa.  In my dissertation, I examine how Islam is constitutive of Tunisian national identity in the post-revolutionary state (2011-2014), and how the process of democratization has affected this relationship. Through ethnographic fieldwork, archival research, and interviews, I explore this relationship in the constitutional drafting process, electoral campaigns, historical commemorations, and contemporary cultural production. Additional research projects examine state-formation in Yemen and citizenship & naturalization policies in Europe.

    In addition to my academic research, I've worked with several think tanks and NGOs on democratization, elections, and governance in the Middle East & North Africa and Europe. I'm particularly interested in electoral integrity and have served as an election precinct chairperson in Ann Arbor, MI and as an international election observer in Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Tunisia, and Yemen.  

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  • Education
    • B.A. Haverford College(Religion) M.A. University of Michigan (Sociology)
  • Research Areas of Interest
    • Nations & Nationalism, Religion & Politics, State Formation, Citizenship, Collective Memory, Elections & Democratization, the Middle East & North Africa, Comparative-Historical Sociology
  • Dissertation Title
    • "Guardians of Religion: Islam, Nation, and Democratization in Post-Revolutionary Tunisia"