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Postdoctoral Fellow at Princeton University

  • Fields of Study
    • Health and Healthcare
    • Social Demography
  • About

    My research interests are varied, but mostly in social epidemiology, computational and agent-based modeling, computational statistics, and social network analysis.    My dissertation is comprised of three papers that focus on:    1) Household and community transmission dynamics of Norovirus.  2) Social epidemiology of Shigella Sonnei, a gastrointestinal pathogen, in Chicago neighborhoods.  3) Social networks, social capital and risk of gastrointestinal illness in rural Ecuador.

  • Education
    • M.S.W Washington University in St.Louis, 2005
    • B.A. Haverford College (Sociology) 2005
  • Research Areas of Interest
    • Biostatistics, Statistics, Sociology of Health and Illness (not Medical sociology) Social Networks