Michigan PhDs in Postdocs

  • ailshire.jpg

    Jennifer Ailshire

    NIA Postdoctoral Fellow at University of Southern California

    Health and Aging, Health Disparities, Neighborhoods, Social Demography, Quantitative Methodsailshire@usc.edu

  • aastor.jpg

    Avi Astor

    Postdoctoral Fellow at Pompeu Fabra University

    Cultural Sociology, Urban Sociology, Immigration, Race and Ethnicity, Collective Memory, Space/Placeaastor@umich.edu

  • Mariana Craciun

    Mariana Craciun

    Postdoctoral Fellow, Science in Human Culture, Northwestern University

    Medical Sociology, Science and Technology Studies, Immigration, Social Theorymcraciun@umich.edu

  • mgilster.jpg

    Megan Gilster

    Postdoctoral Scholar at University of Wisconsin-Madison

    Health and Mental Health Disparities, Neighborhoods, Urban Sociology, Demography of Inequality, Quantitative Methodsmgilster@umich.edu

  • djhutson.jpg

    David J. Hutson

    Visiting Assistant Professor of Sociology at Whitman College

    Health; Gender; Body/Embodiment; Social Psychology; Inequality; Qualitative Methodsdjhutson@umich.edu

  • johnmar.jpg

    Maria Johnson

    Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Center for the Education of Women, University of Michigan

    Family, Race & Ethnicity, Gender, Public Policy, Qualitative Methodsjohnmar@umich.edu

  • Katherine King SOC

    Katherine King

    Postdoctoral Scholar at Duke University

    Quantitative Methodology, Stratification/Mobility, Urban Sociologykeking@umich.edu

  • zakiyal.jpg

    Zakiya Luna

    Postdoctoral Fellow at University of Wisconsin-Madison (11-12) and University of California, Berkeley (12-13)

    Gender and Sexuality, Law and Society, Qualitative Methods, Race, Class, and Gender, Social Movements, Sociology of Reproductionzakiyal@umich.edu

  • cmsm.jpg

    Colter Mitchell

    Postdoctoral Research Associate at Princeton University

    Family, Population, Social Biology, Social Psychology, Quantitative Methods, Religioncmitchel@princeton.edu

  • sadia.jpg

    Sadia Saeed

    ACLS New Faculty Fellow at Yale University, 2011-13

    Political Sociology, Comparative-Historical Sociology/Social Change, Citizenship & Nationalism, Law and Society, Cultural Sociology, Pakistan and Middle Eastsadia@umich.edu

  • Ethan Schoolman

    Ethan Schoolman

    Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Erb Institute for Global Sustainable Enterprise, University of Michigan

    Environmental Sociology; Political Sociology; Cultural Sociology; Consumers and Consumption; Social Theoryedavsch@umich.edu

  • torresd.jpg

    David Diego Torres

    NSF and SBE Postdoctoral Fellow at Rice University

    Early Childhood Education, Primary and Secondary Education, Intelligence, Traditional Communitarianism and Conservative Political Philosophy, Culture, Quantitative Methods, Comparative and Historical Sociology, Theoryddtorres@rice.edu

  • natw.jpg

    Nathalie Williams

    Postdoctoral Scholar at University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

    Social Demography, Armed Conflict and Disasters, Migration, Mental and Physical Health, Data Collection and Research Design

  • jwyse.jpg

    Jessica JB Wyse

    NIA Postdoctoral Fellow at University of Michigan

    Criminology /Criminal Justice, Family, Race, Class and Gender, Social Stratification/Inequality, Public Policy, Qualitative Methodsjwyse@umich.edu

  • jzelner.jpg

    Jonathan Zelner

    Postdoctoral Fellow at Princeton University

    Biostatistics, Statistics, Sociology of Health and Illness (not Medical sociology) Social Networksjzelner@umich.edu