Michigan PhDs in Postdocs

  • Mariana Craciun

    Mariana Craciun

    Postdoctoral Fellow, Science in Human Culture, Northwestern University

    Medical Sociology, Science and Technology Studies, Immigration, Social Theorymcraciun@umich.edu

  • sadia.jpg

    Sadia Saeed

    ACLS New Faculty Fellow at Yale University, 2011-13

    Political Sociology, Comparative-Historical Sociology/Social Change, Citizenship & Nationalism, Law and Society, Cultural Sociology, Pakistan and Middle Eastsadia@umich.edu

  • torresd.jpg

    David Diego Torres

    NSF and SBE Postdoctoral Fellow at Rice University

    Early Childhood Education, Primary and Secondary Education, Intelligence, Traditional Communitarianism and Conservative Political Philosophy, Culture, Quantitative Methods, Comparative and Historical Sociology, Theoryddtorres@rice.edu