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Trevor Hoppe SOC

Graduate Student

  • Affiliation(s)
    • Joint PhD Student, Sociology & Women's Studies.
  • Fields of Study
    • Medical Sociology
    • Law & Society
    • Gender & Sexuality
  • About

    My dissertation, “From Sickness to Badness: Enforcing Michigan HIV Law as a Site of Control,” examines the institutional approaches to enforcing Michigan HIV law, particularly how health officials, district attorneys, and judges interpret and apply the criminal disclosure law that makes it a felony for HIV-positive people to have sex without first disclosing their HIV-positive status. My research interests broadly include medicine, sexuality, HIV/AIDS, and the law. You can read more about my work on my website

  • Education
    • M.P.H. University of Michigan (Health Behavior and Health Education, School of Public Health
    • M.A. San Francisco State University (Human Sexuality Studies), 2007
    • B.A. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (Political Science and Sexuality Studies)
  • Research Areas of Interest
    • Medical Sociology, Crime, Deviance and Social Control, Sexualities, Sociology of Law
  • Dissertation Title
    • From Sickness to Badness: Michigan HIV Law as a Site of Social Control
  • Dissertation Committee
    • Renee Anspah, David Halperin, Sarah Burgard and Sandra Levitsky