On the Job Market

  • Cheng, Siwei2013

    Siwei Cheng

    Graduate Student

    Economic inequality; Life course research; Work and family; Social networkschengsw@umich.edu

  • siegelja.jpg

    Jonah Douglas-Siegel

    Graduate Student

    Incarceration, reentry, and recidivism; communities and social systems; racial/ethnic inequality; applied policy/evaluation researchsiegelja@umich.edu

  • R_Funk55.png

    Russell J. Funk

    Graduate Student

    Economic Sociology, Organizations, Formal & Complex, Science & Technologyfunk@umich.edu

  • Alex G.png

    Alix Gould-Werth

    Graduate Student

    Social programs and their evaluation, social mobility, poverty, employment, unemployment insuranceagouldw@umich.edu

  • jachawk.jpg

    Jaclynn M. Hawkins

    Graduate Student

    Medical Sociology, Chronic Illness, Health Behavior, Gender, Masculinityjachawk@umich.edu

  • DanHirshman.png

    Dan Hirschman

    Graduate Student

    Science & Technology, Theory, Economic Sociologydandanar@umich.edu

  • djhutson.jpg

    David J. Hutson

    Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow at Ripon College (2012-2014)

    Health and Illness, Gender, Body/Embodiment, Sexualities, Interaction, Culture, Qualitative Methodsdjhutson@umich.edu

  • laiqing.jpg

    Qing Lai

    Graduate Student

    Development, Social Stratification, Social Psychology, Family, Education, Comparative Studies, Quantitative Methods, Chinalaiqing@umich.edu

  • J. Rochmes 12

    Jane Rochmes

    Graduate Student

    Education, Racial & Ethnic Relations, Stratification/Mobilityjrochmes@umich.edu

  • F_Greenland

    Fiona Rose-Greenland

    Graduate Student

    Comparative-Historical Sociology, Cultural Sociology, Nationalism, Political Sociology, Social Theory, Qualitative Methods, Sociology of Knowledge(734) 417-3274 / frose@umich.edu

  • Todd_S

    Todd Schifeling

    Graduate Student

    Collective Behavior/Social Movements; Economic Sociology; Environmental Studiesschifelt@umich.edu

  • torresd.jpg

    David Diego Torres

    NSF and SBE Postdoctoral Fellow at Rice University

    Early Childhood Education, Primary and Secondary Education, Intelligence, Traditional Communitarianism and Conservative Political Philosophy, Culture, Quantitative Methods, Comparative and Historical Sociology, Theoryddtorres@rice.edu

  • J_Torres_June.png

    Jennifer M.C. Torres

    Graduate Student

    Medical Sociology, Sex and Gender, Work and Occupations, Qualitative Methodologyjennymct@umich.edu

  • ltso.jpg

    Lai-Sze Tso

    Graduate Student

    Migration and Development, Gender and Women's Studies, Family Sociology, Population and Women's Health, Rural Sociology, Inequality/Stratification, China and East Asia Migrant Healthltso@umich.edu

  • ClaireWhitlinger.png

    Claire Whitlinger

    Graduate Student

    Collective Memory, Social Movements, Cultural Sociology, Race and Ethnicity, Comparative Historical Methods, Global and Transnational Sociology, Sociology of Human Rights and Transitional Justicecwhitlin@umich.edu

  • wodtke1_webprofile_pic.jpg

    Geoff Wodtke

    Graduate Student


  • photo_xiangzhou2

    Xiang Zhou

    Graduate Student