• barba.jpg

    Barbara A. Anderson

    Ronald A. Freedman Collegiate Professor of Sociology and Population Studies 4101 LSA

    Quantitative Methodology, Race, Class & Gender, Social Change734.763.1221 / barba@umich.edu

  • baxinn.jpg

    William G. Axinn

    Professor 3147 LSA

    Demography, Family, Life Course, Research Methods, and South Asian Studies734.615.3538 / baxinn@umich.edu

  • jebarber.jpg

    Jennifer S. Barber

    Professor and Associate Chair 4116 LSA

    Demography, Family, Social Psychologyjebarber@umich.edu

  • ebruch.jpg

    Elizabeth E. Bruch

    Assistant Professor 4220 LSA

    Demography, Quantitative Methodology, Statistics, Stratification/Mobility, Mathematical Sociology734.615.6969 / ebruch@umich.edu

  • Sarah Burgard

    Sarah A. Burgard

    Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies 4142 LSA

    Demography, Medical Sociology, Stratification/Mobility734.615.9538 / burgards@umich.edu

  • morenoff.jpg

    Jeffrey D. Morenoff

    Professor 4118 LSA

    Criminology/Delinquency, Demography, Urban Sociology734.936.2949 / morenoff@umich.edu

  • pjsmock.jpg

    Pamela J. Smock

    Professor 1006 ISR

    Family Demography, Social Stratification, Genderpjsmock@umich.edu

  • arlandt.jpg

    Arland Thornton

    Professor 3147 LSA

    Demography, Development, Family, Children & Youth, Survey Research Methodology, Aging/Social Gerontology734.615.3542 / arlandt@umich.edu

  • yuxie.jpg

    Yu Xie

    Otis Dudley Duncan Distinguished University Professor of Sociology and Statistics 4257 LSA

    Demography, Education, Stratification/Mobilityyuxie@umich.edu