Undergraduate Program News

After a long tenure as our undergraduate program director, Dr. Alford Young, Jr. is now Sociology's chair. (A chair is like the director of the whole department.) The undergraduate program is happy to once again have Dr. Karin Martin as our undergraduate program director.

You can also look forward to more frequent and innovative student events planned by the Undergraduate Sociology Association this fall. USA's 2013-2014 president is senior concentrator Theresa Johnson. She will be supported in leading the organization by the USA executive board: Tyra Bandt (historian) and Stefanie Skulsky (secretary). There are currently open positions on the executive board for two academic co-chairs and a publicity chair. Students who are interested in joining the executive board or looking for other ways to get involved in USA (either as a prospective or current concentrator) should send an email to USAinformation@umich.edu. Stay tuned via email for more information on events.



Walk-in advising hours will resume in September 2013. Email socadvisor@umich.edu or call 734-764-6324 to schedule a concentration advising appointment.  Appointments can also be scheduled online via the online appointment gateway.

Click here for more information about how to declare your sociology concentration.