Graduation Procedures

Students in their final year of study should be planning to complete the following:

The Major Release
A major release appointment is a meeting with the sociology advisor to review your progress. A release is required for each LSA major and minor you have declared. Ideally, your release appointment should occur in the semester before your final one, after the drop/add deadline and before registration begins for your final semester. Click here to navigate to the online appointment scheduler.

Applying for Graduation
Once your release(s) is complete, you need to apply for graduation. To apply for graduation go to Wolverine Access-->Student Center-->My Academics-->Apply for Graduation and follow the prompts. If you experience difficulty in the online application process, or if you need to change your date of graduation, email the auditors at

You must apply for graduation before stated deadlines in order for your name to appear in the University Commencement booklet. If you are planning to graduate in December, you must apply by October 15 to assure your name will appear in the booklet. If you are planning a May or August graduation date the deadline is February 15. You can still graduate if you apply after these deadlines, but your name will not appear in the booklet you and your family will receive when you attend University Commencement.

The Senior Audit
Once you have completed your releases and applied for graduation, the LSA auditors will begin your senior audit, reviewing all of your completed coursework to determine if you have completed or have a reasonable plan to complete your degree. The LSA auditors are checking on your LSA and distribution requirements; they rely on major and minor advisors, to report your progress with those particular plans. You do not need to meet with an LSA advisor for the senior audit; it is initiated automatically when all release forms for each major and minor are submitted and you have applied for graduation. Once the audit begins, you should receive an email confirmation of your progress toward graduation from the auditors within two weeks, although it may take up to three weeks during busy periods (late August, October, November, and January). The email you receive is an official University document--read it carefully. If it's confusing, ask your major or general advisor for clarification. If you do not hear from the LSA auditors within three weeks of when your final release was submitted, contact your major advisor and let them know. They can help you figure out what is missing so that you can be audited. You cannot graduate without an audit.

Ideally, your official degree audit is complete before you register for your final semester. This way, you know exactly what the University is expecting of you before they will confer your degree and you still have time to make any necessary schedule changes.

Frequently Asked Questions about LSA Graduation Procedures