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Have you ever wondered:
♦ Why as a culture do we care about sports so much?
♦ How did intercollegiate sports become part of university life?
♦ How did women break barriers in playing sports and reporting on sports?
♦ Can statistics really help athletes and teams improve?
♦ How does sport benefit and harm our bodies?
If so, you’ll want to be involved in this theme semester. Sports are a vital, fun, and often passionate part of culture in the U.S. and around the world generally, and on the University of Michigan campus specifically. Sports are often categorized as “extracurricular,” but that description misses a lot of what happens at universities in relation to sport. This theme semester highlights the ways that sport intersects with issues we address across the university, from psychology to physics to literature to engineering, from race to gender to economics to medicine. Come understand your everyday experience with sport in new ways.

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