• C Badgley

    Catherine Badgley

    Ecology and environmental biology. 3030 Ruthven Museum

    734.763.6448 /

  • John Carson

    John Carson

    Director of Graduate Studies, 2015-2016
    History of science, history of the human sciences, 19th-century U.S. history, European intellectual history.
    1765 Haven Hall

    734.647.7378 /

  • Paul Edwards

    Paul N. Edwards

    History of science and technology, espeically meteorology and information infrastructures. 4437 North Quad

    734.764.2617 /

  • Gabrielle Hecht

    Gabrielle Hecht

    Science and technology studies; nuclear power and proliferation; colonialism and postcoloniality; labor; national identity; Modern Africa (Gabon, Madagascar, Namibia, South Africa); Modern France 2666 Haven Hall

    734.647.7937 /

  • Joel Howell

    Joel D. Howell M.D.

    Program Director, 2015-2016
    Medicine, history and sociology of science.
    2773 Haven Hall

    734.615.8341 /

  • Anna Kirkland

    Anna Kirkland

    Director of Undergraduate Studies, 2014-2016
    Law and society, law and politics of health.
    2203 Lane Hall

  • Silvia Lindtner

    Silvia Lindtner

    Culture and politics of DIY making, hacking and design; innovation discourse, industrial production and technology development in China; digital media studies; human-computer interaction; computer-supported cooperative work.

  • Malcolm McCullough

    Malcolm McCullough

    Architecture and media arts.

  • A photo of Lisa Nakamura at a lectern

    Lisa Nakamura

    Digital media theory, digital game studies, ethnic studies, feminist theory, film and television studies, science and technology studies, race and gender in new media. 3735 Haven Hall

    734.615.6472 /

  • Shobita Parthasarathy

    Shobita Parthasarathy

    Comparative politics of science and technology; science, expertise, and democracy; politics of intellectual property; risk governance (particularly related to health, food, and the environment); genetics/biotechnology/biomedicine. 4202 Weill Hall

    734.764.8075 /

  • Marty Pernick

    Martin S. Pernick

    History of disease, disability, health, and the body; history of ethics and value issues in medicine.

    734.647.4876 /

  • Liz Roberts

    Elizabeth F.S. Roberts

    Critical study of medicine, science and biotechnology. 108 West Hall

    734.936.0642 /

  • Robinson, Jennifer

    Jennifer Robertson

    Ethnography, robotics and cyborg technologies, eugenics, ideologies of blood, bioart, sex/gender/sexualities, Japan, Israel. 204-C West Hall, 170C Tappan Hall

    734.763.4682 /

  • Joy Rohde

    Joy Rohde

    Co-chair, Speakers Series Committee, 2014-2016
    History of science and technology; history of the human sciences; science and technology policy; expertise and democracy.
    4211 Weill Hall

    734.615.6972 /

  • Perrin Selcer

    Perrin Selcer

    Co-chair, Speakers Series Committee, 2014-2016
    Global environmental history; history and sociology of science, focusing on 20th century environmental and human sciences; international organizations and international development; U.S. and the World
    2642 Haven Hall

  • Stern 2013 Headshot

    Alexandra Minna Stern

    History of medicine, reproductive politics, and race and racial classification. 1500 E. Medical Center Drive, L4000 Women's 0276

    734-232-4976 /