Graduate Students Directory

  • Gabrielle Barr

    Gabrielle Barr

    Archives and records management. I am interested in English cultural and medical history and ultimately hope to work at a medical history archive or library upon graduation.

  • Matthew Burton

    Scientific data production in the earth and environmental sciences.

  • Ayse Buyuktur

    Ayse Buyuktur

    Cyberinfrastructure and values in design.

  • Melissa Chalmers

    Melissa Chalmers

    Understanding print media digitization as a sociotechnical phenomenon, especially the work, workers, and infrastructures underlying large-scale cultural heritage digitization; how ideas of access and accessibility both motivate and are produced.

  • dczar.jpg

    Danielle Czarnecki

    Reproductive politics in the U.S., examining religion and assisted reproductive technologies. I am interested in how infertile Christian women navigate science, religion, and the potential moral dilemmas they face when trying to have a child.

  • Robyn d'Avignon

    Robyn d'Avignon

    Politics of development, informal economies and histories of natural resource extraction in Francophone West Africa. I am currently conducting ethnographic and historic research in Senegal on contestations over access to land, labor and knowledge.

  • Tara Dosumu Diener

    Tara Dosumu Diener

    Historical ethnography of a maternity hospital in Freetown, Sierra Leone from 1892 to 2012. My research focuses on maternal child health and mortality, nurses and nursing, visuality, practice - clinical and otherwise - and "expert" knowledge.

  • Kevin Donovan

    Kevin Donovan

    The conceptualization and use of science and technology by development and humanitarian organizations working in 20th century sub-Saharan Africa. Previous research has explored the role of information technology on the continent, especially mobile phones.

  • Johanna Folland

    Johanna Folland

    How discourses and the materialities of technology, media, science, and the environment underwent dramatic shifts in the course of postsocialist transitions throughout the East Bloc. This is a key part of my study of press liberalization in Germany.

  • Kristin Fraser

    Kristin Fraser

    Space and place in modern literature, intersubjectivity and epistemology, relations between scientific discourse and understanding of environment in the early 20th century.

  • Andrew Haxby

    Loan and legal practices surrounding a housing bubble and bust in the Kathmandu Valley, and the ways by which local households attempt to control their economic futures in states of of extreme risk.

  • DanHirshman.png

    Dan Hirschman

    History of macroeconomic statistics, sociology of economics and economists, the emergence of "the economy" as an object of knowledge in the 20th century.

  • Geoff Hughes

    Geoffrey Hughes

    The political economy of weddings and marriage in Jordan. The STS component focuses on the bureaucratic procedures that render populations visible and manageable through statistics, demography and urban planning.

  • Adam Johnson

    Adam Fulton Johnson

    19th century anthropology, anthropological training via field experience, theories of "prehistory" and civilization, 19th century justifications for and arguments against settler colonialism, theories of the global & development, global/big/deep history.

  • RJ Koscielniak

    RJ Koscielniak

    The politics, practices and technologies of intervention and government in depopulating American cities. At the intersection of planning, anthropology and STS, his research tracks and scrutinizes efforts to eliminate blight and dereliction in Detroit.

  • Joshua Kupetz

    Joshua Kuptez

    Disability theory, specifically the relationship of contemporary American fiction with anatomical discourse, evolutionary theory, prosthetics, and the posthuman.

  • Emily Merchant

    Emily Merchant

    Demographic transition theory as an organizing principle of twentieth-century population studies and politics. Dissertation: "Prediction and Control: Global Population, Population Science, and Population Politics in the Twentieth Century."

  • Michael, Wendy

    Wendy Michael

    The Ford Rouge Plant tour.

  • katya_mishuris_eihs

    Katya Mishuris

    The history of the human sciences (especially psychology and psychiatry) and modern Russian history, with allied interests in gender and sexuality and the history and philosophy of childhood.

  • Stephen 2013

    Stephen Molldrem

    The politics of gay male subjectivity in the contemporary U.S., with an emphasis on public health policy, HIV/AIDS, liberal political rhetoric directed at gay men, and gay male uses of digital technology. 3504 Haven Hall

    734.615.2632 /

  • Nicole Novak

    Nicole Novak

    Social epidemiology, stress biomarkers, history of public health.

  • Davide Orsini

    Davide Orsini

    Cold War technopolitics, radio-ecology, nuclear risk perceptions, and environmental politics in Western Europe/Italy.

  • Emma Park

    Emma Park

    Colonial and postcolonial East Africa, technopolitics.

  • Angela Perone

    Angela Perone

    Social structures, power, and inequality, aging, and neurodiversity.

  • Johnathan Puff

    The impact of 19th century human sciences on the building professions, fire safety in American buildings, uneven access to infrastructure, disproportionate vulnerability to infrastructural failures.

  • Tasha Rijke-Epstein

    Graduate Student

  • Kate Schnur

  • Samantha Shattuck

    Environmental health impacts on the basis of race, class, or other status, especially school siting policy, disparate toxic exposure in schools, and methodologies for controlling non-point source pollution and harmful algal blooms.

  • Aleksandr Sklyar

    Doctoral Student in Anthropology

  • Kathryn Wataha

    Kathryn Wataha

    20th-century genomics, biomedicine, translational biology, and gene therapy.