Program Graduates

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Gabrielle Barr, School of Information, M.A. 2015
Library Aide, Norfolk Public Library, Sargeant Memorial Collection

Sarah Hamilton, Department of History, Ph.D. 2013
Ph.D. thesis:
"Lake Effects: Transnational History and the Making of a Valencian Landscape."
Assistant Professor,
Department of History, Auburn University

Dan Hirschman, Department of Sociology, Ph.D. 2016
Ph.D. thesis:
“Inventing the Economy (Or, How We Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the GDP).” 
Assistant Professor, Sociology and Organizational Studies, Brown University (Summer 2016)

Geoffrey Hughes, Department of Anthropology, Ph.D. 2015
Ph.D. thesis:
"Affection and Mercy: Kinship, State, and the Management of Marriage in Jordan." 
Research Fellow, London School of Economics

Cory Knobel, School of Information, Ph.D. 2010 
Ph.D. thesis: "Ontic Occlusion and Exposure in Sociotechnical systems."
Assistant Adjunct Professor, Bren School of Information, University of California, Irvine

Joshua Kupetz, Department of English Language and Literature, Ph.D. 2015

Brian Matzke, Department of English Language and Literature, Ph.D. 2013
Ph.D. thesis: "All Scientific Stuff: Science, Expertise, and Everyday Reality in 1926."
Lecturer, Sweetland Center for Writing, University of Michigan.

Clapperton Mavhunga, Department of History, Ph.D. 2009
Ph.D. thesis: "Writing 'African Wildlife' from the Barrel of the Gun: Firearms and Wildlife Uses in Gonarezhou National Park."  
Associate Professor, Program in Science, Technology & Society at Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Emily Merchant, Department of History, Ph.D. 2015
Ph.D. thesis:
"Prediction and Control: Global Population, Population Science, and Population Politics in the Twentieth Century"
Postdoctoral Fellow (2015-2018), Neukom Institute for Computation Science and Department of History, Dartmouth College

Davide Orsini, Program in Anthropology and History, Ph.D. 2015
Ph.D. thesis: "Life in the Nuclear Archipelago: Cold War Technopolitics and US Nuclear Submarines in Italy"
Postdoctoral Associate, Department of Science, Technology and Society, University of Virginia

Ricardo Punzalan, School of Information, Ph.D. 2013
Ph.D. thesis: "Virtual Reunification: Bits and Pieces Gathered Together to Represent the Whole." 
Assistant Professor, College of Information Studies, University of Maryland

Marianne Ryan, School of Information, Ph.D. 2012
Ph.D thesis:
"Archival Preservation in the United States and the Role of Information Sources."
Director of Leadership & Engagement, Singularity University

Stephen Sparks, Anthropology and History, Ph.D. 2012
Ph.D. thesis:
"Apartheid Modern: South Africa's Oil from Coal Project and the History of a South African Company Town."
Assistant Professor, Department of History at University of Johannesburg

Emily Wentzell, Cultural Anthropology; Women's Studies, Ph.D. 2009
Ph.D. thesis:
"Composite Masculinities: Aging, Illness, Erctile Dysfunction and Mexican Manhood."
Assistant Professor, Department of Anthropology at University of Iowa