Requirement Details

Core Course

Science, Technology, Medicine, and Society (Residential College Social Science 275/History 285)

Offered each academic year. Introduces students to major STS theories, methods, concepts, and approaches and to the kinds of issues covered by the minor. STS minors should take the core course no later than their junior year.

Declaration and Advising

Students must meet with the faculty advisor to the STS minor to plan their program of study. Students may not declare the STS minor later than the third week of the first semester of their senior year. For more information, contact the STS Program advisor by email:


Students must take a minimum of 2 courses for at least 7 credits, chosen from the approved list of STS courses:

  • One course must be at the 300 level or above
  • At least one course must be drawn from one of the student's focus track

Students may count any research seminar as an elective.

Research Seminar

Students must take a research seminar for at least 3 credits, chosen from specifically designated courses on the list of approved STS courses.

The research seminar is ideally taken in the student's junior or senior year. The research seminar must count toward the student's chosen focus track (see below). It must be specifically approved as a research seminar.

Focus Track

Students must choose one of three focus tracks:

  • Science and Society  (S)
  • Technology and Society  (T)
  • Medicine and Society  (M)

At least one of the student's electives and the research seminar must be drawn from a single focus track. The list of approved courses shows which classes count for each track. In addition, students are strongly encouraged to take at least one upper-level course in a science, engineering, or medical discipline.

Overlap with Concentrations and Other Minors

Students may not use more than one course to meet the requirements of both a concentration plan and an academic minor. However, one course may overlap and count for both. No course may be counted simultaneously toward both STS and any other minor. See important information about minors on the LSA academic minors page.