A student who has been out of registration for over two years must meet with a Board member and complete an Application for Reactivation available from the Board member.

Students who left in good academic standing (i.e. were not suspended) will receive an e-mail notifying them that the Board staff has reactivated their record a few days after they have submitted the reactivation application. Once they receive this message, then they can contact the Office of the Registrar to obtain a registration time.  The Board member with whom they meet will provide information necessary for registration.

Students who did not leave in good academic standing (were suspended) and who have been out of registration for more than two years also must complete a reactivation application.  The Board member with whom they meet for their required readmit interview will provide them with this form.


The Board places on academic suspension students whose academic performance is endangering the likelihood of completing a degree program in the College.  Suspended students must be out of registration at UM for the 14 weeks of a Fall or Winter semester; students suspended after a Winter semester must be out of registration at least until the next Winter semester.  The Board expects most suspended students to complete successfully at least a semester of coursework at another college or university to demonstrate their readiness to resume work at UM.  If the student identifies health, mental health, financial or family issues as having largely caused his/her academic difficulties, then the student must address these issues and produce documentation (if appropriate) verifying the issues are manageable or no longer present.  A few weeks after receiving the suspension notification, the student can meet with a Board member to determine the most effective strategy for readmission.

Students apply for readmission by writing a petition (letter) to the Board.  Prior to writing the petition, students must meet with a Board member at least eight weeks prior to the term they would like to return.  At this meeting, the Board member will give the student guidelines for writing the readmission petition, list any documentation the student should include with the petition, and set a deadline for submitting the petition.  The student can contact the Board member during the petitioning process if he/she has any questions or concerns about readmission.  The Board will review the student's petition and one of the members will e-mail a decision to the student within a week to ten days. 

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