The Honors Program  is a four-year program that provides an especially rich and challenging set of academic offerings to talented and highly motivated students in the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts. Through special courses, research relations with faculty, and a vigorous intellectual community that includes Honors faculty fellows, the Honors Program enables students to identify their intellectual interests and to pursue them as deeply and as far as they can.

The Program's curriculum offers a wide range of challenging courses in almost every department and Honors majors in every field in the College. There are special seminars, Great Books and Classical Civilization for introductory composition, and direct involvement with faculty right from the start of students' lives at Michigan. Students elect about half their course work in Honors; many do more. Many Honors students participate in research during their first two years, and almost all Honors seniors pursue their own independent research projects under the guidance of a faculty mentor, leading to an Honors senior thesis.


Incoming first-year students may be admitted to the Honors Program by invitation of the Director.  Any highly motivated student may request consideration.  Approximately 10% of incoming first-year students are invited into the program, but continuation is based on academic performance.

LSA Students transferring to Honors

First and second year students already enrolled at Michigan who are interested in joining the Honors Program should schedule an appointment with an Honors director in the Honors office. This may be done at any time during the first or second semester, although a decision will not be reached until grades for at least one semester's work have been reported. Only students with distinguished academic performance in a full set (four courses of minimum three credits each) of challenging classes are admitted in the second semester or second year.

Upperclass students may be admitted to Honors majors by each LSA department and program. Students should check with the department in which they want to pursue an Honors plan  for the procedure for that unit and to make an appointment with the appropriate Honors Plan Advisor. The Honors Program can provide the name of the contact for each major. Students who are accepted into an Honors plan tomatically become LSA Honors students. The Honors Program encourages all students who have declared an Honors plan to visit the Honors Office to meet with an Honors academic advisor and to be sure that they are included in the Honors email group. 

Honors students exiting to mainstream LSA

Students exit the Honors Program for the following reasons:

  • At any time because they do not want to complete Honors requirements
  • Because they are not pursuing an Honors major
  • In the senior year, because they do not plan to write an Honors thesis

Students may be exited by the Honors Program

  • at any time because the GPA is too low
  • at any time because they have not completed Honors requirements
  • when it becomes obvious that they are not pursuing an Honors plan

Students who wish to exit Honors complete the Exit Form. Students exited by the Honors Program are so notified and their records are transferred to mainstream LSA. These students should see an LSA general advisor.

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