Closed Course, Waitlist, and Override Information

Closed class information is available from Wolverine Access. The open course inquiry transaction permits students to access class enrollment and waitlist information.

Closed classes

Each class is listed with a specific number of available spaces. This figure is determined by the department offering the course. Classes that reach enrollment capacity during registration will be listed as “closed.” On occasion, classes reopen if a department raises the enrollment capacity of the course and/or adds additional sections.

A student may register for a closed class only by obtaining an override (a permission entered in M-Pathways) for that class. The override is provided through the departmental office. (You should check with your department regarding the procedures for granting overrides.)

Students obtain overrides from the department. Please refer to the section on “Overrides” located below.


Waitlist procedures exist to help deal fairly with students who wish to enroll in closed classes. These procedures vary from one department to the next and may vary for courses within a department. Waitlists may be administered through Wolverine Access, by departments, or by the individual instructors. Check with your department for procedures which apply to your course. You may indicate your course’s waitlist procedure in the LSA Course Guide. Departments also may indicate a department-wide policy as a summary statement in the LSA Course Guide.

Registration Waitlists that begin when a course section has filled with registered students serve a number of uses for faculty, departments, and our College. From the students’ perspective, however, there is one important fact to know about how waitlists work. All students should be aware that there is no general rule that when overrides are issued for a class they must be written for students as they appear in numerical order on the waitlist. The waitlist exists to let the faculty member know who and how many students have waitlisted a particular course section. And yes, the student names do appear on the list in the chronological order in which students added themselves to the list. No individual faculty member or department is obligated, however, to issue permission numbers by this numerical ordering. It may be felt that other criteria weigh more heavily. For example, class standing (senior, junior, etc.) or whether the student is a major in the department or not may be considered more important than what number a student is on the waitlist.

Some courses are of special importance to students – for instance, declared majors or potential majors who need the course for the degree or as a prerequisite to additional work – and you may want to accommodate such students. There is often some attrition in the enrollment of a class; it is difficult to predict how much loss of enrollment your class might experience and the impact that your overrides might have on the final numbers. Often students will attend a class, even though not officially registered, in the hope that natural attrition will free a space for them. The history of enrollment for your class and the presence of vacancies in other sections of the same class may influence your decision.


Overrides allow all teaching departments to control entrance into those classes that have requirement groups, are by consent of instructor or department only, or are closed. If your course is “closed” in Wolverine Access or if entry into the course requires permission of instructor, you may provide an override to allow the election. By your giving students permission to enter closed or restricted courses with an override, those students then can enroll through Wolverine Access.

Students should contact either the instructor or the department involved for information on obtaining an override. Overrides are NOT available from the Newnan LSA Academic Advising Center or the Academic Standards Board.

FAQs — Waitlists, Overrides, and Getting into Closed Courses +

During the first week of class some of you will still be finalizing your schedules.  Below is some advice for getting into closed courses.

I’m on a waitlist, how do I get into the course?

It depends on what department is offering the course. Some departments manage the waitlist for their classes. In these departments as spaces come open the department will send you an email with a class permission or “override” letting you know that you can register for the course. These permissions usually have expiration dates, so make sure you register for the class in a timely manner. Other departments (and this represents the majority) require you to attend the first several days of class and the course instructor will then determine whether or not there is additional space in the class. In either case if the department or the instructor tells you that you can get in, they will then issue an override. The override will then allow you to register for the course, even though it still looks closed on Wolverine Access.

I was able to get an override – now what do I do?

If you were on a waitlist for a class and were able to get an override you now need to go into Wolverine Access, Student Business, Backpack/Registration, Fall 2008 and drop the course you are waitlisted for. Wolverine Access will not allow you to use the override if you are still on the electronic waitlist for the course. After you have dropped the course you are waitlisted for, then go back to the Course Registration screen and add the course.  You can find a YouTube tutorial that walks you through the process here:

Note: Wolverine Access will recognize that the override was issued in your name and will allow you to add the course even though it still says that the course is closed.

What if the class does not have a waitlist?

There are LSA classes that do not have an official waitlist. If you are trying to get into a course that does not have an official waitlist you need to monitor the class on a regular basis. In classes without waitlists, as soon as someone drops the course you can go into Wolverine Access and register for the class.

Make sure that you attend your other classes as well.

Keep in mind that lots of students drop and add classes during the first two weeks of the semester. If there is a class that you are interested in and that course is currently closed, do not give up on the class right away. If there is a waitlist – get on it. If there is not, keep an eye on Wolverine Access. In either case, go to the class for the first several sessions and see if you can get an override.

Note: If you are trying to get into a closed class, make sure that you also attend your other classes as most departments have a policy of dropping students if they don’t attend either of the first two sessions.

Finally, if you are still having difficulty with your schedule, let your academic advisor know – either by email or by coming in for an advising appointment at LSA Academic Advising Center in 1255 Angell Hall. To schedule an advising appointment, call (734) 764-0332.

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