Anthropology Faculty Listing


Kelly Askew (Anthropology / Afroamerican and African Studies), (Sociocultural Anthropology), cultural politics, ethnomusicology, nationalism, media, performance, Swahili studies, East Africa

Ruth Behar (Victor Haim Perera Collegiate Professor of Anthropology), Cultural Criticism, Ethnographic Writing, Life Stories, Feminist Ethnography, Visual Anthropology, Religion; Spain, Mexico, Cuba, U.S. Latinos

Kent Flannery (Anthropological Archaeology), (James B. Griffin Distinguished University Professor of Anthropological Archaeology), Curator of Human Ecology and Archaeobiology, Museum of Anthropological Archaeology;  Archaeology, Cultural Ecology: Near East, Middle America

Thomas E. Fricke (Sociocultural Anthropology), cultural demography, culture and agriculture, kinship, work, morality, field methods, documentary writing; Nepal, South Asia, US. 

Judith Irvine (Edward Sapir Collegiate Professor of Linguistic Anthropology), Linguistic Anthropology, Language ideology, language and political economy, performance, colonial and historical linguistics, social organization, Africa

Webb Keane (Sociocultural Anthropology),  (George Herbert Mead Collegiate Professor of Anthropology),  Social and Cultural Theory, Semiotics, Ritual and Religion, Exchange, Material Culture, History and Historical Consciousness; Language and Discourse, Indonesia, Oceania

Stuart Kirsch (Sociocultural Anthropology), Ritual, indigenous movements, mining ethnography, NGOs, political ecology, cultural property; Melanesia, Oceania

Laura Lein (Katherine Reebel Collegiate Professor of Social Work) (School of Social Work/Anthropology), Dean, School of Social Work; Poverty and poverty programs in the United States, homeless and dislocated populations, child care, health care, and non-governmental organizations

Alaina Lemon (Sociocultural Anthropology), Sociocultural, performance and language, historical narrative, racial and national ideologies, visual culture and visual anthropology; Russia, Romani (Gypsy) diaspora, post-socialist states

Michael P. Lempert (Linguistic Anthropology), interaction, semiotics, social theory, stance and affect, religion; Tibet, South Asia

Laura MacLatchy (Biological Anthropology), Postcranial functional morphology, primate locomotion, vertebrate paleontology, Miocene hominoids, bone biomechanics; Uganda, Ecuador

Bruce Mannheim (Linguistic Anthropology), the politics of language use, social theory, poetics and narrative, historical ethnography; Andean South America

Joyce Marcus (Anthropological Archaeology), (Robert R. Carneiro Distinguished University Professor of Social Evolution), Curator of Latin American Archaeology, Museum of Anthropological Archaeology; Latin American ethnohistory and archaeology, ancient writing systems, early complex societies; Mexico, Central America, South America

John C. Mitani (James N. Spuhler Collegiate Professor of Anthropology), primate behavioral ecology, Chimpanzees

Erik Mueggler (Sociocultural Anthropology), Religion, Ritual, Memory, Ideology, State Power, Gender; China

John O'Shea (Anthropological Archaeology), (Emerson F. Greenman Collegiate Professor of Anthropological Archaeology), Curator of Great Lakes Archaeology, Museum of Anthropological Archaeology; Prehistoric Economics, Archaeology, Method and Theory: Old World, North America, Great Lakes

Maxwell Owusu, Ethnography and History, Social Anthropology of Colonial and Postcolonial States, Comparative Legal and Political Systems, Democratization and Socioeconomic Development and Underdevelopment; Africa, Caribbean

Elisha Renne (Anthropology / Afroamerican and African Studies), (Sociocultural Anthropology), demographic/medical anthropology, material culture; Nigeria, West Africa

Jennifer Robertson (Sociocultural Anthropology), Ethnography, art and visual culture, colonialism/imperialism, historical anthropology, mass/popular culture, performance and theatre, sex/gender/sexuality, urban anthropology, eugenics and bioethics, humanoid robots and cyberculture; Japan, Israel, Asia

Andrew Shryock (Arthur F. Thurnau Professor), Anthropology, Modernity, historical ethnography, oral tradition, tribe-state relations, identity politics, (trans)-nationalism; Middle East and Middle Eastern communities in North America

Carla Sinopoli (Anthropological Archaeology), Curator of Asian Archaeology, Museum of Anthropological Archaeology; Archaeology, Complex societies craft specialization, ceramics; Political economy of early states and empires; archaeology and history; material culture -- use, technology, and social meaning, ethnoarchaeology, gender; South Asia

Beverly Strassmann (Biological Anthropology), Human evolutionary ecology, life history, theory, culture, endocrinology, reproduction, genetics of kinship; Dogon, West Africa

Robert Whallon (Anthropological Archaeology), Curator of Mediterranean Prehistory, Museum of Anthropological Archaeology; Archaeology, Ecology and evolution of hunter-gatherers, quantitative methods, prehistory; Europe, Middle East

Melvin D. Williams, Macroanthropology, Religion, African-Americans, Contemporary American Society, Global Village

Milford Wolpoff, Paleoanthropology, multiregional evolution, human paleontology, biomechanics, genetic modeling; Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia

Henry Wright (Anthropological Archaeology) (Albert Clanton Spaulding Distinguished University Professor of Anthropology), Curator of Near Eastern Archaeology, Museum of Anthropological Archaeology; Archaeology, origins of the state, political and economic operation of developed chiefdoms and archaic states; Middle East, Africa, Indian Ocean, Eastern USA

Associate Professors

Robin Beck (Anthropological Archaeology), Curator of North American Archaeology, Museum of Anthropological Archaeology; Social organization of complex societies, social change, colonialism, archaeology and ethnohistory of eastern North America, Andes

Jacinta C. Beehner (Anthropology and Psychology), (Biological Anthropology), behavioral endocrinology, evolution of social behavior, behavioral aggression, reproductive ecology, baboons (Papio spp.) and geladas (Theropithecus)

Amal Fadlalla (Afroamerican and African Studies / Women's Studies), Global perspectives on gender, health, and reproduction; and gender, diaspora, and transnationalism

Krisztina E. Fehérváry, (Sociocultural Anthropology), Consumer and material culture, political economy, middle-class culture, built environment, domestic space, body, transformations, film and popular culture, Hungary, postsocialist states

Matthew Hull (Sociocultural Anthropology), Semiotics, bureaucracy and governance, corporations, urban planning, material culture, science and technology, South Asia

John D. Kingston, (Biological anthropology), early hominin paleoecology, isotopic analysis of fossil material, paleodiet, evolutionary process, sit formation, East Africa

Andrew J. Marshall (Biological Anthropology), primate evolutionary ecology, conservation biology, tropical forest ecology; Indonesia

Michael McGovern (Sociocultural Anthropology), political anthropology, West and East Africa, postcolonial states within the arc of longer historical trajectories

Barbra Meek (Linguistic Anthropology), Child language socialization and acquisition, endangered and/or dormant language issues, linguistic theory and Athabaskan linguistics; North America

Damani J. Partridge (Anthropology / Afroamerican and African Studies), (Sociocultural Anthropology), race and displacement, citizenship and non-citizens, technologies of exclusion, gender and sexuality, critical visual anthropology, German studies, European studies, anthropology of the state, post-socialism

Elizabeth F.S. Roberts (Anthropology, Residential College), (Sociocultural Anthropology/Medical Anthropology), Critical study of medicine, science and biotechnology, modernity, exchange, kinship, race, religion, Latin America, Ecuador

Gayle Rubin (Anthropology and Women's Studies), (Sociocultural Anthropology), Sexualities and genders, sexual populations, cities, sexological theory, durable inequalities, gay/lesbian ethnography, history of racial taxonomies; urban North America

Assistant Professors

Abigail Bigham (Biological Anthropology), human population genetics

Jason De León (Sociocultural Anthropology), Economic Anthropology, Undocumented Migration, Material Culture, Political Economy of Human Smuggling, Ethnicity, Ethnoarchaeology, Borderlands, U.S./Mexico Border, Mesoamerica

Jatin Dua (Sociocultural Anthropology), Social and cultural anthropology, anthropology and law, political economy, ethnography and history, maritime anthropology, piracy, globalization, empire, governance and regulation, conflict/post-conflict, mobility; Indian Ocean, Horn of Africa, East Africa

Maureen Devlin (Biological anthropology), Skeletal biology, metabolism and bone acquisition, environmental determinants of bone mass (diet, exercise, climate)

Raven Garvey (Anthropological Archaeology), Assistant Curator, Circumpolar Archaeology, Museum of Anthropological Archaeology;  Hunter-gathers, human ecology, evolutionary theory, lithic technologies; Patagonia

Brian Stewart (Anthropological Archaeology), Assistant Curator, African Archaeology, Museum of Anthropological Archaeology; Archaeology, foragers, evolution of adaptive flexibility; Paleolithic socio-spatial organization, Middle and Later Stone age of Africa



Thomas H. Chivens (Sociocultural Anthropology), Postsocialism and Europeanization; Anthropology of the State; Violence, Gender, and Security; Human Rights, Policing and Policy Circulation; Awareness Politics; Poland, European Union, North America

David Frye, Ethnography and history of Mexico, the colonial construction of Indianness, religious movements in Mexico, Latin American societies and cultures; Latin America

Laura Motta, (Archaeology), Complex societies and state formation processes, paleoethnobotany, late prehistory, first millennium BCE Italy

Holly Peters-Golden (Lyle C. Roll Scholar for Humane Medicine, Department of Internal Medicine), (Sociocultural Anthropology), Medical anthropology, cancer, physician-patient interaction, explanatory models of illness, social construction of disease, medical education, illness narrative, North America

Lisa C. Young, Archaeology, agricultural societies, American Southwest, settlement and subsistence, technology

 Adjunct Associate Professor

Ruth Tsoffar (Women’s Studies / Comparative Literature), Ethnicities, Sexualities and Gender, and Minorities in Judaism, and Israeli Culture; Feminism, sexuality and gender in multicultural society; Colonialism, ethnicity, and nationalism, poetry and poetics, Hebrew culture and literature, the politics of writing, reading, and culture in Israel and the Middle East, Biblical narrative, ethnography and folklore

 Assistant Research Scientist

Sabina Perrino, Linguistic anthropology, discourse analysis, oral narrative, code-switching, transnationalism

Adjunct Assistant Research Scientist

William Sanders (Assistant Research Scientist, Museum of Paleontology), Hominoid evolution and paleobiology, Proboscidean evolution and systematics, Evolution of Old World Cenozoic mammals, Taphonomy and paleoecology, Mammalian functional morphology

Professors Emeriti

C. Loring Brace, Curator Emeritus, Museum of Anthropological Archaeology; Human Evolution, "Race," Dentition, History of Biological Anthropology

Robbins Burling (Linguistics / Anthropology), Linguistics, Ethnology, Southeast Asia

David William Cohen (Lemuel A. Jackson Collegiate Professor of African History and Anthropology), Pre-colonial and 20th-Century Africa - eastern and southeastern

Philip Gingerich (Earth and Environmental Sciences / Ecology and Evolutionary Biology / Anthropology), Curator Emeritus of Vertebrates, Museum of Paleontology; 
Primate Paleontology and Evolution

Gillian Feeley-Harnik (Kathleen Gough Collegiate Professor of Anthropology), Kinship, Gender, and Reproductive Health Care; Religion; Phenomenology; Political Ecology; Anthropology of Development; Madagascar, Africa, United States; Historical and Contemporary Judaism and Christianity

Richard I. Ford (Arthur F. Thurnau Professor),  Curator Emeritus of Ethnology, Museum of Anthropological Archaeology;Cultural Ecology and Evolution, Ethnobotany, Archaeology, American Indians

A. Roberto Frisancho (Biological Anthropology), (Arthur F. Thurnau Professor), Adaptive Responses to Environmental Extremes: Growth, Nutrition, Physiology; Latin America

Peter Gosling, Rural Development, Migration and Resettlement: Southeast Asia; Chinese Economy and Ethnicity

Sarah C. Humphreys (History / Anthropology / Classical Studies), Kinship, Law, Religion; Ancient Greece

Raymond Kelly, Sociocultural Anthropology, Social Inequality, Social Organization, Witchcraft, Warfare, Melanesia

Conrad P. Kottak (General and Cultural Anthropology), Brazil, Madagascar, U.S.

William Lockwood, Ethnology, Ethnicity, Peasants; Field Methods and Ethnographic Films: Europe, Contemporary U.S.

Jeffrey R. Parsons, Curator Emeritus of Latin American archaeology, Museum of Anthropological Archaeology; Archaeology, Mesoamerican and Andean Prehistory

Thomas Trautmann (History / Anthropology) (Mary Fair Croushore Professor of Humanities, Marshall Sahlins Professor of History and Anthropology), Kinship, History of Anthropology, India

John Speth (Arthur F. Thurnau Professor, Anthropology), Curator Emeritus of North American Archaeology, Museum of Anthropological Archaeology; Archaeology, hunters and gatherers, cultural ecology, diet and subsistence, Paleolithic and PaleoIndian studies; North America

Norman Yoffee (Near Eastern Studies / Anthropology), Assyriology, Mesopotamian culture, languages, history; Near Eastern archaeology; late prehistoric and early historic periods; comparative early civilizations; legal anthropology

Associate Professors Emeriti

Ernst Goldschmidt, human genetics; random genetic drift of blood-group gene frequencies among Polynesians populations; computer simulation of Pleistocene gene flow

Janet Hart (Sociocultural Anthropology), oral history and narrative theory and methods; anthropology of Europe; urban ethnography; postcolonialism and diaspora in Paris, France; gender and nationalism; comparative social movements and cultures of activism; political prisons and prisoners



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