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Professor Donald Lopez, Jr., Chair (9/1/08-6/30/19)

Associate Professor Miranda Brown, Director of Undergraduate Studies

Academics and Requirements


William H. Baxter, III (ALC/Linguistics), Chinese language and linguistics

Miranda Brown, Early Chinese culture

Madhav Deshpande, Sanskrit language, literature, & linguistics

Nancy K. Florida, Indonesian and Javanese Studies

Donald S. Lopez, Jr., (Arthur F. Thurnau Professor; Arthur E. Link Distinguished University Professor of Buddhist Studies), Indian and Tibetan Buddhism

Abé Mark Nornes, Asian Cinema

Xiaobing Tang (Helmut F. Stern Professor of Modern Chinese Studies), Modern and contemporary Chinese literature and visual culture; realism and modernism

Associate Professors

Arvind-Pal S. Mandair (Tara Singh and Balwant Kaur Chattha and Gurbax Singh and Kirpal Kaur Brar  Sikh Studies Professor), Sikh Studies

Christi Merrill, Modern South Asian literature

David Rolston, Traditional Chinese fiction and drama, particularly traditional fiction criticism and Peking Opera

Youngju Ryu, Modern Korean literature

Jonathan Zwicker, Modern Japanese literature

Assistant Professors

Juhn Ahn, Buddhism and Korean Studies

Micah Auerback, Japanese religions & Korean Buddhism

Varuni Bhatia, Hindu and South Asian Studies

Benjamin Brose, Chinese Buddhism

Nachiket ChanchaniSouth Asian Visual Culture

Deirdre de la Cruz, Philippine Studies

Emily Wilcox, Modern Chinese Studies


Agustini, Indonesian language

Ekhteyar Ali, Urdu language

Zenaida FulgencioFilipino language

Pinderjeet Gill, Hindi and Punjabi language

Laura Grande, Chinese language

Karen Gu, Chinese Language

Sangkyung Han, Korean language

Hunjin Jung, Korean language

Junko Kondo, Japanese language

Montatip Krishnamra, Thai language

Jinyi Li, Chinese Language

Qian Liu, Chinese language

Wei Liu, Chinese language

Yoshihiro Mochizuki, Japanese language

Ranjanpreet Nagra, Hindi and Urdu language

Thuy-Anh Nguyen, Vietnamese language

Mayumi Oka, Japanese language

Kyongmi Park, Korean language

Yoshimi Sakakibara, Japanese language

Ayaka Sogabe, Japanese language

Sonam Tsering, Tibetan language

Satoko Tsuda-Petty, Japanese language

Masae Yasuda, Japanese language

Haiqing Yin, Chinese language

Qiuli Zhao, Chinese language

Yan Zhong, Chinese language

Professors Emeriti

Kenneth J. Dewoskin, Early Chinese narrative literature, criticism, and aesthetics

Yi-tsi Feuerwerker (Arthur F. Thurnau Professor), Chinese fiction and literary criticism

Luis O. Gómez (Arthur F. Thurnau Professor) Buddhist religion and philosophy

Peter Hook, Indo-Aryan languages and linguistics

Ken K. Ito, Modern Japanese literature, particularly Meiji and Taisho fiction

Shuen-fu Lin, Pre-modern Chinese literature, especially classical poetry and poetics

Harriet C. Mills, fiction, modern and contemporary (including Communist writings)

Donald J. Munro, Chinese philosophy

Esperanza Ramirez-Christensen, Pre-modern Japanese literature, particularly poetry, criticism, and Heian prose



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