Astronomy Faculty Listing


Fred C. Adams (Physics / Astronomy) (Ta-You Wu Collegiate Professor of Physics), Theoretical astrophysics

Hugh D. Aller (Ralph B. Baldwin Professor of Astronomy), Radio Astronomy, Active Extragalactic Objects, VLBI

Eric Bell, Galaxy Formation and Extra-Galactic Astronomy

Edwin (Ted) Bergin, Star Formation, Interstellar Chemistry

Joel N. Bregman (Heber D. Curtis Collegiate Professor of Astronomy), Interstellar Medium, Quasars, Fluid Dynamics

Nuria Calvet (Helen Dodson Prince Collegiate Professor of Astronomy), Star Formation, Accretion Disks

August Evrard (Physics/Astronomy) (Arthur F. Thurnau Professor), Theoretical astrophysics

Lee Hartmann (Leo Goldberg Collegiate Professor of Astronomy), Star Formation

Rudi P. Lindner (History / Astronomy), Historian of U-M Astronomy,  History, Historiography; History of the Physical Sciences, history of astronomy

Mario Mateo, Stellar Populations in Galaxies

Timothy McKay (Physics / Astronomy) (Arthur F. Thurnau Professor), Experimental astrophysics

Jon Miller, Black Holes, High Energy Astrophysics, Accretion

John D. Monnier, Star Formation; Stellar Evolution, High-Resolution Imaging; Optical Interferometry

Sally Oey, Star Formation and Galactic Structure

Douglas O. Richstone (Lawrence H. Aller Collegiate Professor of Astronomy), Galaxy Structure, Formation, and Evolution; Black Holes

Associate Professors

Oleg Y. Gnedin, Theoretical Astrophysics, Galaxies

Mateusz Ruszkowski, High Energy Astrophysics, Active Galactic Nuclei

Assistant Professors

Elena Gallo, High Energy Astrophysics

Christopher Miller, Cosmology, Extra-Galactic astronomy

Keren Sharon, strong gravitational lensing

Research Professor

Patrick Seitzer, optical studies of orbital debris; Star clusters – formation and dynamics; history of Michigan observatories

Associate Research Professor

Monica Valluri, theoretical framework of Galactic Dynamics; supermassive black holes; dark matter and luminous matter interactions

Research Scientist

Margo F. Aller, Radio emission from AGNs, relativistic jet outflows from gas accretion onto massive black holes in active galactic nuclei

Assistant Research Scientists

Alicia Aarnio, Young stellar objects, innermost regions of disks around young, intermediate mass stars: inner disk structure; geometry; and how material is moving within and out of the star-disk system; Large scale magnetic field structures; solar and stellar flares, coronal mass ejections; stellar angular momentum evolution; solar-stellar connection; stellar kinematics: moving groups and associations

Kayhan Gultekin, Black holes and accretion astrophysics: the accretion physics, evolution, and feedback from black holes across the mass scale, from stellar-mass to supermassive

Mark Reynolds, Accretion physics; Extragalactic X-ray binaries, supermassive black holes, supernovae, gamma-ray bursts, population studies

Ian Roederer, Stellar abundances and nucleosynthesis; Galactic chemical evolution, globular cluster formation, formation of the Milky Way stellar halo

Professors Emeriti

Charles R. Cowley, Cosmochemistry, Stellar Spectra

Gordon M. MacAlpine, Quasars, Emission Line Galaxies, Photoionization Models

Richard G. Teske, Solar Photosphere, Solar Corona

Associate Professor Emeritus

Guenther H. Elste, Solar Photosphere, Spectrum Synthesis

Research Scientists Emeriti

Philip A. Hughes, numerical simulation of jet flows in extragalactic objects; relativistic flows;  wavelet analysis, statistical analysis of variable phenomena

Nancy Houk, star classification


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