Biophysics Faculty Listing


Charles L. Brooks III (Warner-Lambert/Parke-Davis Professor of Chemistry and Biophysics), Theoretical and Computational Biophysics and Chemistry/Biophysical Chemistry/Physical Chemistry

Ari Gafni (Biological Chemistry), Protein Misfolding in Aging and Disease

Michael Mayer (Biomedical Engineering), Bio-MEMS and Microfluidics, Bio-Nanotechnology, Biomaterials, Biomembranes, Drug Delivery and Therapeutics, Neural Engineering

Jens Christian Meiners (Physics / Biophysics ), Experimental Biophysics, Dynamics of Single DNA Molecules

James Penner-Hahn (Chemistry / Biophysics) (George A. Lindsay Collegiate Professor of Chemistry and Biophysics),  Biophysical Chemistry and Inorganic Spectroscopy, Physical Bioinorganic Chemistry , roles trace metals (especially Mn, Fe, Co, Ni, Cu and Zn) play in biology, biochemistry of metalloenzymes 

Ayyalusamy Ramamoorthy (Robert W Parry Collegiate Professor of Chemistry and Biophysics) (Chemistry), Biomolecular Structure & Dynamics, Membrane Disruption by Antibiotics and Nanomedicine, Spectroscopy & Microscopy

Duncan Steel (EECS) (), Atomic, Molecular, Optical Physics; Biomolecular Laser Spectroscopy

Angela Violi (Mechanical Engineering / Chemical Engineering / Biomedical Engineering / Macromolecular Science and Engineering ( College of Engineering) / Biophysics), Reaction Mechanisms for Real Fuels. Nanoparticle Growth and Self-Assembly, Nanoparticle Interactions with Biomolecular Systems. Molecular Modeling of Complex Systems using Atomistic Models. Applied Chemical Kinetics. Aerosols

Michal Zochowski (Physics), Experimental and theoretical studies on dynamical aspects of brain function

Associate Professors

Jennifer J. Ogilvie (Physics), ultrafast and single molecule spectroscopy, nonlinear microscopy

Assistant Professor

Yang Qiong, Dynamic self-organizing behaviors of single cells and single molecules during early embryo development

Sarah Veatch (Physics / Biophysics), physical basis of functional lateral heterogeneity in living cell membranes

Kevin Wood (Biophysics/Physics), Theoretical and Computational Biophysics; Statistical Physics and Complex Systems; Experimental Microbial Ecology; Cancer Biology and Multi-Drug Resistance

Research Associate Professor

Jeanne Stuckey (Biophysics / Biological Chemistry)

Associate Research Scientist

Mark Saper (Biological Chemistry), Structural Microbiology: Mechanisms of Bacterial Pathogenicity

Adjunct Associate Research Scientist

Mirkin Noemi, Spectroscopic studies of peptide and protein structure

Professor Emeritus

Robert Zand (Biological Chemistry), Myelin Basic Protein and Multiple Sclerosis: Spectroscopic and chemical assessment of structure of MBP, postranslational modifications, evolution, role in Multiple Sclerosis and Experimental Allergic Encephalomyelitis

Research Scientist Emeritus

Sam Krimm (Physics), Vibrational Spectroscopic and Energy Function Studies of Protein Structure


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